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Cable industry strikes again

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User Info: EdgeofDarkness

3 years ago#31
daemon_dan posted...
ShadowThaReaper posted...
Born Lucky posted...
What country 3000 miles across with 350 million people are we "falling behind" . . ?

This is irrelevant and an attempt to divert the conversation.

Shill please leave.

It's extremely relevant.

You are right, when it comes to infrastructure size always matters. But it can not be denied that its because american cable companies are total douchbags that progress is being halted.

User Info: soonernfl25

3 years ago#32
Politicians suck.
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User Info: BannedMom

3 years ago#33

In China, you get 10mbps for only $10 a month and since most people here only have 1 child because of the 1 child policy, they often get 5mbps which is $8. So yeah..

In my country, I pay $20 for 1mbps internet. dammit.

User Info: Cowboy082288

3 years ago#34
Frankly I f******* hate my cable company isp provider. Their always jacking rates up. As soon as another provider comes in my area I'm done with these guys.

O yeah and I remember when I cancelled the cable sub they called me like 10 times a week for a month trying to get me to resub. Sry but not paying for their BS package when I don't even watch 90% of the channels I'm paying for.


3 years ago#35
SneakiestNeg posted...
Funny fact: most of America does not matter. Even your metropolitan areas are lacking. Like the tri-state area that actually contributes to US GDP. No one expects Arkansas to get fiber immediately.

I live 24 miles from NYC and get 101 down and 75 up. Pretty happy with that. 99% of places you download from can't stream data to you that fast anyway. it's rare i use more than 50% of my speed.
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User Info: LOLIAmAnAlt

3 years ago#36
This topic if funny.

Everyone is trying to rationalize and boil down an argument that is so very deep, to a one liner explanation.
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