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User Info: Phaser23

3 years ago#1
I don't think people are going to be willing to buy this game + subscribe monthly, it looks like an F2P game.

User Info: Cool_Dude667

3 years ago#2
I hear that about every sub game lol
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User Info: CatToy

3 years ago#3
Okay, thank you for the input.
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User Info: ShadowThaReaper

3 years ago#4
They lowered the tit size of the characters after an article called them out on it.

I'll never support them.

User Info: acangial

3 years ago#5
OP, you are so original and creative.
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User Info: badboy

3 years ago#6
I think you can buy your next month's subscription from other players using in-game currency, but that must be very expensive.

User Info: MortalDanger

3 years ago#7
I tried it. I thought it was nice, a mix between SWTOR and WoW with a dash of Borderlands. They definitely have a good formula. To me, it looks like they've done their homework. I played the Beta and canceled my ESO sub while alt+tabbed lol.

That being said, I'm not gonna preorder because I've got other things going on.
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User Info: OldSorrow

3 years ago#8
It's not good. The combat shows where enemies will attack in a BRIGHT highlighted area. Basically made for early teenagers. Ugly attacks too. They should just make it free.
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User Info: majinbuu58

3 years ago#9
I can't really think of a single thing Wildstar does well

User Info: jedinat

3 years ago#10
ShadowThaReaper posted...
They lowered the tit size of the characters after an article called them out on it.

I'll never support them.

Are you serious. What were they thinking.
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