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im sorry but

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User Info: Garage_Man

3 years ago#11
Firefox for life....well until they mess it up. I never got Chrome to be honest...I used it a few times but it felt meh. Hey whatever, there are more important things to argue over here like POWER SUPPLIES!!!

User Info: jake-sf

3 years ago#12
Firefox became a pile of crap at 29 and got me to use Pale Moon.

I still prefer Firefox over the others in theory but my god did they screw it up.

Chrome is overall much worse, but both now looks like crap by default. Firefox lost a lot of features and moddability apparently, so I didn't even bother forcing my way through it.

But I'm very, VERY picky about browsers. Firefox was incredible when it started and now its just ******* up all the crap.

User Info: HamJabroni

3 years ago#13
I use both. Chrome is slower than FF and has less features, but it has a better layout IMO
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User Info: BeerOnTap

3 years ago#14
I like chrome. It's faster and has more geebeez

User Info: 30aught6

3 years ago#15
Only thing I prefer about FF is bookmarks toolbar. I don't have any text for mine, just favicons; I'm able to fit more of them.
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User Info: matu90rk

3 years ago#17
HamJabroni posted...
I use both. Chrome is slower than FF and has less features, but it has a better layout IMO

For me it's exactly the opposite; FF started lagging/crashing when a high number of tabs were open, so I had to change to Chrome (which is definitely faster). It's a problem a lot of Firefox users seem to have been experiencing lately.

User Info: CardigansFan

3 years ago#18
Using an Android phone and Google services, Chrome is infinitely easier to keep synced/backed-up than Firefox. And that's the #1 reason I use it.
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User Info: CELTEKK

3 years ago#19

User Info: Arucard05

3 years ago#20
I've used Firefox forever but a few months ago it would lock up my whole computer as soon as I opened it or tried to load a webpage, so I switched to Chrome. Didn't like it at all. Now I'm on Pale Moon and everything is peaches.
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