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Should I skip the Witcher 1 and start on Witcher 2?

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User Info: MrMonkhouse

3 years ago#1
Should I skip the Witcher 1 and start on Witcher 2? - Results (61 votes)
31.15% (19 votes)
68.85% (42 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I hear W2 is better than W1, but I want to understand the storyline before W3 comes out. I'm playing W1 right now (just dropped off Abigail).

User Info: Freelance_Wolf

3 years ago#2
Well you didn't need to play the first game before the 2nd, but I dunno how Witcher 3 will be though, since it's not out yet.

I love both games so I do recommend you keep playing so you understand the lore/history of the world better.
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User Info: jedinat

3 years ago#3
I couldn't stand the combat in the first game. I would say yes. Maybe look up a summary of the story or something.

User Info: Love_Me_Sexy

3 years ago#4
I suggest just watching the cutscenes for the story and waiting for the third one to see if they actually did a good job this time.
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User Info: DiviDude

3 years ago#5
I vastly preferred TW1 over TW2, even with regard to the combat. And IMO TW1 is a better introduction to the world of The Witcher anyway.

But even so, both games have fallen under $3 so it's worth trying them each to find out yourself.

User Info: Majoras_pants

3 years ago#6
1 is much better than 2 as an RPG. But 2 has better combat.

I wouldn't skip it. In fact, if you could only play one of them, I'd say play 1.
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User Info: Pal 080

Pal 080
3 years ago#7
I kind of agree with Majoras_pants to an extent. TW1 is a more complete RPG experience if you can get into the combat. It's definitely worth playing and completing, especially if you've already started it.

It starts to get a lot more interesting in Act 3 imo.
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User Info: rpgian

3 years ago#8
One is a lot longer than 2 but a lot grindier. It has a more expansive story and world which comes together rather nicely and further complements 2 just for a sense of whats what but not needed at all.

Combat in 1 is atrocious I give you that. Instead of "playing" it I'd go over to nexus mods or get the save editor and just give yourself a bunch of talents/modify the firespell to have a half screen AOE and 9999 damage. That way RPS wtf combat isn't getting in the way of an otherwise swell experience.

User Info: Nineteen99

3 years ago#9
I voted "no" because you should skip both. And 3.
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User Info: MrMonkhouse

3 years ago#10
Ok I'm helping out the reverend and Abigail is boiling up the potion for the kid to learn about the beast or something. But I'm doing another quest for the reverend which is to talk to the 3 other ppl and to show my sigil... but I cant find the sigil that I have to show them. The only rings I have is this silver and gold ring... I see nothing in the quest items bag.
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