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leave my PC on all the time, or no?

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User Info: Pal 080

Pal 080
3 years ago#51
I've had my PC for 3 years and I turn it off when I'm away for more than an hour or so... it's fine (so is my 10 year old desktop that went through the same routine). Do the environment a favour and turn off your electronics when not in use... seriously, there's no need to leave things on. It's more about being sensible and courteous than worrying about a high energy bill, because lets be realistic... electricity is cheap as dirt.
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User Info: Snadados

3 years ago#52
I turn off my computer when I go to work and when I go to bed at night.
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User Info: Dreamwalker-SJM

3 years ago#53
think about savings money from pay the bill
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User Info: Master_Bass

3 years ago#54
arleas posted...
Fade2black001 posted...
I can believe this BUT I also believe that the the decrease in lifespan is so damn small that its not even worth mentioning.

Just like the danger of turning the computer off... However, I think that your hard drive has a max lifespan in how many hours it spins, so if you're not at least using the power options to let the hard drive sleep, then that IS reducing your drive's lifespan.

I've heard letting your HDD spin up and down is worse than letting them run. It wears them out faster.
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User Info: arleas

3 years ago#55
Master_Bass posted...
I've heard letting your HDD spin up and down is worse than letting them run. It wears them out faster.

I'm sure BOTH will wear the drive out because BOTH involve moving parts that could wear out. I wouldn't set the drive to sleep after 5 minutes because that would mean having it start and stop multiple times in a day...You find a balance between the number of times you need it to start up and the amount of time you need it running.

I don't leave my computer running 24/7 nor do I start it and stop it 500 times a day. I Start it up, I use it, when I'm done I turn it off. It's off for at least 3-4 hours before I start it up again. If it's started up it runs for at least 3-4 hours before I shut it down again (usually).

User Info: Xedhadeaus

3 years ago#56
I just sleep the laptop and power off the computer. I know how to replace most of my laptop stuff and have an extra fan for it lying around. But I've had so many things happen to my computers, so I don't even trust it anymore. Motherboard crashes, loose fans going jason on everything.

User Info: schmutzmeisteR

3 years ago#57
the reason why constant on/off-turning is considered not good for electronics is that it leads to constant temperature changes. that leads to micro-bending and can kill parts over time. you may notice this as a crack a short time after you turn off stuff like PCs, consoles, receivers, TVs etc. if the parts are low quality, this will kill them faster then keeping them on all the time(xbox 360 rrod as an widely known example).

BUT letting it run forever will wear down on the moving parts like fans and HDDs faster, it will lead to faster mechanical failures, like crashing hdds and the fans will get louder more quickly.

Of course you should also consider that keeping the pc on all the time will cost you quite a bit of money for electricity. and a reboot from time to time helps the perfomance.

so conclusion: let it run over the day, but turn it off for the night. thats better than letting it run constantly, and better than turning it on and off all the time.

User Info: OverlordBahamut

3 years ago#58
I notice a lot of people talking about the energy bill....

Just out of curiousity, how much are you guys ACTUALLY saving on your energy bill by turning your computer off? Last I checked, it isn't actually all that expensive, ESPECIALLY if you at least use sleep and/or hibernate modes.

Me personally, I leave my computer running almost 24/7. That's less because of any issues turning it off and on could have, though, and more because of convienence. I'm around my computer almost every second of every day, and I use it a LOT. It's just not really practical to shut it down unless I'm going over to my mom's house overnight for laundry, and I honestly don't notice a difference in my power bill at all.

I don't even use sleep/hibernate mode....which I probably should. I did have issues with my computer running after taking it out of sleep mode before, but I don't remember if that was with my previous computer or if I actually did try it out on this one before. Guess I should go ahead and try it out again and see if it'll actually work properly. Even if I only save $0.50 on my power bill (probably not THAT little, but still....), that's still $0.50 that could be spent on a candy bar instead!

User Info: SpazH3d

3 years ago#59
Someone should research the energy usage of having it on for 3 months vs. turning it off every night.

Someone get on it, stat! It's vital research, you know.
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User Info: gunner967

3 years ago#60
I turn mine off completely when I go to sleep every night. Otherwise, I use Sleep mode. Most people have SSDs on a high-end rig now, so boot times aren't much of an issue anymore.
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