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So I want to get a 1440p monitor

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User Info: chris121691

3 years ago#11
triple s posted...
Mitch35 posted...
One of those overclockable korean panels because they are pretty cheap and a friend owns one and it looks really nice. I've been doing all my gaming on a 1080p monitor so far with my GTX 680 and I can get pretty good performance out of every game, but I'm not sure if my 2GB 680 will quite cut it at 1440p, and I've read different answers everywhere.

Will my 2GB GTX 680 run most games at pretty good framerates at 1440p on medium-high settings, or is the card just not powerful enough? Will there be a VRAM bottleneck?

Thanks in advance, I'd really like to know whether or not my comp can support this resolution. Also, if it matters I have an 3770k at 4.3ghz and 16gb of RAM.

Let me give you my experience. While I never used my old 680 2GB on 4k, I can tell you I am getting about the same performance on a 780ti with 1440p that I was with the 680.

haha really? So the 680 is equal to the 780ti?

User Info: triple s

triple s
3 years ago#12
680 in 1080p! Sorry, big thing to miss there.
GT:Triple S 06
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