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Why wont titanfall start up anymore?

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  3. Why wont titanfall start up anymore?

User Info: Mindbend8er

3 years ago#1
I haven't played titan fall in a while so I went to play it and it wont start. When I click on the icon it says its loading and nothing happens. Samething happens when I click on origin. I have a feeling it has something to do with origin.
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User Info: Monkeymage

3 years ago#2
They shut down the servers.
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User Info: pothocket

3 years ago#3
I played it Tuesday just fine. It had to download a lot of updates but it worked normally.

User Info: r0ge00

3 years ago#4
Monkeymage posted...
They shut down the servers.

It's kind of sad (for EA) that I wouldn't find this surprising.

User Info: Bazooka_Penguin

3 years ago#5
Did you try right click -> repair game?
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  3. Why wont titanfall start up anymore?

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