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Games that aren't on Steam that need to be

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User Info: biggerboss777

3 years ago#41
DexterTheThird posted...
I'm still waiting on a Grim Fandango HD, myself.

Absolute most wanted game for me. Also...

Radiant Silvergun
Guardian Heroes
Shadow Complex
Policenauts/snatcher remakes

User Info: JaybirdX

3 years ago#42
Let me tell you the top 5 games that need to be on Steam
Dragons Dogma
Dragons Dogma
Dragons Dogma
Dragons Dogma
Dragons Dogma because it is a master work all and it can't go wrong.
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User Info: SuperSuikoden

3 years ago#43
JKatarn posted...
SuperSuikoden posted...
Mario Kart 8
Super Mario 3D World
Final Fantasy X HD

Yeah, I'm assuming you're being facetious as hell would freeze over before Nintendo/Sony would release their IP/system movers on Steam.

I actually have FFX HD collection on PS3 and played Xenoblade on Wii but never owned a Wii U, mostly I just want Nintendo games on Steam.
Xbox|Steam: Call Me A Hero

User Info: wdfoster

3 years ago#44
Grim Fandango

Tie Fighter + expansions
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User Info: xHuckleberry

3 years ago#45

I know, im sick. I sorta actually enjoyed that game
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User Info: ActionButler

3 years ago#46
Mechwarrior 2, 3, and Mercenaries
TIE Fighter
Mass Effect 3
Gears of War trilogy
Metal Gear Solid series (starting with Metal Gear)
Zone of the Enders
Mega Man 1-9
3DS FC - 0232-9323-9187

User Info: OmegaFlare18

3 years ago#47
Silent Hill 2
Silent Hill 3
Castlevania SotN
Fable 2
Steam ID: mystr_E

User Info: mjc0961

3 years ago#48
pothocket posted...
Sam & Max Hit the Road
AnthonM2 posted...
BTW I don't see The Last of Us as a western game because many asians worked with Naughty Dog on the game

User Info: seryou101

3 years ago#49
Tales of Xillia, Xillia 2, and Vesperia.
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User Info: therickmu25

3 years ago#50
A real baseball SIM : /
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