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So whats the deal with Defiance free to play?

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User Info: SonyHoundDawg

3 years ago#1
Now they got a optional sub? I thought it was better before when you could buy the game for 5 bucks instead of pay $9.99 a month for some benefits.

Also there selling all the DLC for $30 bucks still? This is not included in the free to play? Why do they even bother running this game anymore.

Also any worthwhile changes in this game over the last 6 months or so that might be worth coming back to play?

User Info: dementedlullaby

3 years ago#2
Someone mentioned you get added benefits if you paid for the game previously. All I saw confirmed was 70 inventory slots, however there was confusion about what happens if you already had more than 70. I couldn't find any info on the site to back this up. All I saw was info for the Patron garbage.

Sadly I've had the game since launch and bought into the season pass. Was hyped about the BSG involvement of the show but I didn't end up liking the show either. I should of known better from SyFy and will know better from Trion in the future. Last time I played it was the same bad game and I doubt much can change that. It's not like there is going to be a complete overhaul of the game, especially due to the f2p nature of it now.
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User Info: Marikhen

3 years ago#3
Mastered weapons no longer block you from earning weapon skill experience.
You can change the mastery of a weapon instead of just resetting the mastery bar.
You can upgrade a weapon's EGO rating in the crafting menu. It goes up 100/run and maxes at your EGO rating.
EGO rating on weapons actually improves their damage now instead of just making it more likely to have mod slots.
IIRC part of the 2.0 patch was to let you "hot swap" layouts.
Shields now have armor which, while you have armor plates, reduce incoming damage.
You get daily/weekly login bonuses in the form of scrip, salvage, and key codes.
There are new types of arkfall content that let you enter mini-instances.
There are new types of world events, some of which are similar to the large area arkfall showers but involving plague victims in kind of a zombie mutant apocalypse horde mode.

2.0 released some new bugs.
You now have a new arkfall key something or other currency to manage for the salvage matrix.
NPCs now have armor plates too.
NPCs now seem to be more difficult to kill in general as well, and I mean that as in addition to the aforementioned armor plates.
By going F2P players are no longer at least somewhat protected from "idiots" by a pay wall.

As for people who already paid for the game basically what happens is that Trion gimps all of your characters to the same level as free to play'ers, and then they dump a bunch of upgrade items in your Claim Items box. What happened for me is that I logged in, checked my claim box, saw a +25 boost to key code capacity, thought, "Oh wow, I can hold up to 100 now? Awesome!," and then exited out (without using it) to notice my key code capacity was only 50, not 75, meaning I had to use the item to get back to where I was prior to the patch launching. Plus I was down to 2 layout slots and had to use all the +1 layout slot items, and so on.

The only real benefit to this was that I'm up to 76 inventory slots now. I'm pretty sure I had something like 20 fewer slots prior to 2.0, but I don't really view that as being worth the freaking out I did when I realized how Trion went about handling this, wondering what else was gimped that I didn't know about, and then freaking out again wondering if these items were one-offs that wouldn't be made available to any alts I might create.
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