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Do any of you appreciate consoles?

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User Info: jolll4

3 years ago#21
Luigi is the best posted...
"Nintendo + PC" approach

True. With steam and nintendos own franchises you have pretty much everything you need.
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User Info: TheEntitledOne

3 years ago#22
Nope. Why should one company decide what hardware and software I should game with?
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User Info: greywolf00

3 years ago#23
Back when I was in high school I spent far more time on consoles than PC. Up to the point I split my time fairly evenly, but in high school all I played on PC were the Infinity Engine games since Square was at their peak and it seemed almost everything they made was at least decent. As I got older, the appeal of jRPGs has worn off and I haven't even purchased a console for 2 gens now. The number of appealing exclusives is dwindling, and that's always been the real reason to game on them for me. Much rather have more power + mods if I can buy the game on PC.

User Info: FRo3tBLo0d

3 years ago#24
Some of the best games I have ever played are console exclusives. So, yeah, I do.

User Info: StormKMD

3 years ago#25
samurai1900 posted...
Yes, I appreciate games.

Sam states it well.
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User Info: Silbe

3 years ago#26
Love my consoles and my pc.

User Info: Gwendal

3 years ago#27
I don't really appreciate consoles as a concept, since they're pretty much just watered-down PCs these days. But I do appreciate quite a few console games. I'd much rather play them on PC if I had a choice, but good games are good games regardless of platform.
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User Info: triple s

triple s
3 years ago#28
samurai1900 posted...
Yes, I appreciate games.
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User Info: Fou Lu

Fou Lu
3 years ago#29
My PS3 makes a fine blu-ray player. There's also certain games I like playing from the Dark Ages when developers/publishers weren't porting games to PC (the early period of PS3/Xbox360 days).

That's it. I would never buy a Xbox One and PS4. No point really.
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User Info: ArthasReborn

3 years ago#30
I've actually been playing my Vita the most lately. I get periods where I'd play a lot of PC, PS3, 3DS, or Vita, really.
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