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Cons of having a decent computer....

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User Info: happyscrub1

3 years ago#1
... not being able to see the useful or interesting tips developers put on loading screens.

"WTF man!? I was reading that!"
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User Info: wildog2006

3 years ago#2
Ah, yes. Skyrim on a SSD = Wait, what did that say? I hope it wasn't too helpful...
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User Info: brotrrwinner

3 years ago#3
I once missed a loading screen tip and played the entire game without knowing how to jump :(
September 21st, 2008
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User Info: MarioFanaticXV

3 years ago#4
This happens to me all the time on Amia...

Then again, it's a game from the earlier 2ks, so that's to be expected...
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