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We all knew Titanfall would fail due to the small 6v6 multiplayer size...

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  3. We all knew Titanfall would fail due to the small 6v6 multiplayer size...

User Info: Pauken

3 years ago#61
Smaller player count isn't a terrible thing in gaming. As much as I love gigantic online brouhahas, some of the most fun moments I've had in my 20 years of gaming experience have been multiplayer games designed in mind for small player counts, e.g. PSO's 4 person limit for online parties, Mario Kart and Smash Bros matches with RL friends, enjoying a LAN match of Star Wars Battlefront 2 with 64 "players" (only two were real humans; the rest were bots), etc,

I'd actually argue that focusing games to have/require larger player counts is FAR more detrimental to a game's enjoyment levels than designing them around a small gathering of players supplemented by AI players. Titanfall's bot implementation leaves a lot to be desired though; having them be cannon fodder instead of being the same unit types as actual players was a terrible idea, as it significantly reduces the options for when the game gets close to/is at the end of its life. Halo in its many forms may eventually have only 4 people at max playing at once in the distant future, due to no Xbox Live, while Star Wars Battlefront 2 will always have a thriving fanbase because you only need 2 human players for its multiplayer goodness; thanks to bots all the other slots are filled with allies that, while they suffer from immense stupidity, are still quite capable of owning you if you're not careful. Also, it's significantly less stressful to join a 2vs2 team game than one where you have to coordinate with 5 other players...much more pleasant when there isn't an omnipresent toxic teammate yelling at you for not playing perfectly and throwing racist comments at you.

Titanfall's REAL issue though is, as mentioned, lack of content. You'dthink, since they delayed it a whole bunch of times, they'd have a wide variety of maps, but nope. The funny thing is, if they had actually made dedicated servers and allowed for custom maps on the PC version, it might still have a niche fanbase, but alas, they went with the gouging DLC method, which means there will never be custom maps in Titanfall.

User Info: SaltyBotz

3 years ago#62
Honestly I thought Titanfall sucked ass. I've played better COD games to be honest.

User Info: g7g7g7g7

3 years ago#63
Orestes417 posted...
Case in point, BC2 kicked BF3's ass hard because it built all it's maps specifically around the player count it supported. It would not have been a better experience if some bobbleheaded twit decided that what Arica Harbor really needed was double the player count.

However, if you tripled the player count in BFBC2: Vietnam, it would be the most ridiculous awesome FPS ever.
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User Info: Cade6669

3 years ago#64
I got the game on release, very fun game. I put about 20 hours into it then moved onto other things. Glad I played it but I can only play one game so much, I bore pretty quick with most FPS multiplayer games. The fact I played it for 20 hours is actually a big feat, I only played BF4 for 4 hours before I got bored of it.
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User Info: SlashmanSG

3 years ago#65
This topic is making me want to play Titanfall.
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User Info: Nineteen99

3 years ago#66
SlashmanSG posted...
This topic is making me want to play Titanfall.

Me, too. XD
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User Info: Dodrio_The_Bird

3 years ago#67
The game is good, but honestly it falls short.

Not enough weapons for either the Titans or Pilots. It gets boring with the limited weapons. Then we only have 3 titans to choose from.

Seriously the game is called Titan Fall. They honestly couldn't make more than 3?

Other than that, it's a fine game. The matchmaking is also crap. I remember when I started I was getting paired up against with people on prestige 10 or 9 when I was like 5

User Info: SpazH3d

3 years ago#68
I thought it failed because it doesn't have true player-run dedicated servers.
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User Info: Dragoon Star

Dragoon Star
3 years ago#69
Lemur_H posted...
Player count isn't the problem.

It is part of the problem though.

Issues with titanfall

No user run dedicated servers to keep the community going and moderating the players
No server browser and match making is garbage to find games with
6v6 only and no 12v12 at the minimum since smaller games usually die out faster once someone starts winning. It's fine for competitive stuff, but 6v6 has no place in the public to be the only option
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User Info: LazyyAmerican

3 years ago#70
I can easily buy the "lack of content".argument.....CS has mods and a more interesting shopping mechanic for.your weapons....titanfall is just guns and likely has short term appeal.but no mods pretty much ensure it another flavor of the month
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  3. We all knew Titanfall would fail due to the small 6v6 multiplayer size...

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