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Radeon R9 280 Vs. Radeon R9 280X - What's the difference?

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User Info: Neo_PortaPotty

3 years ago#21
BeatItUpRight posted...
Neo_PortaPotty posted...
BeatItUpRight posted...
NewportBox100s posted...
Is it worth the extra 80 bucks?

The 280x is what... 10% faster if that?

I picked up my 290 second hand for £140, the 290x second hand is roughly £250... and for what... 5% difference??

You'd be playing at 33fps instead of 30fps... if that seems like it's worth $80 then be my guest, but if I pay an extra say 50% more in price I expect a huge performance increase.

Ouch I'd never buy a used r9 unless I knew the seller personally there marketed as mining cards and that just wrecks them then people resell the cards.

Yep, was a mining card, but has a warranty.

Remember, this card new is around £320, also the moment you buy a card, insert it in your PC it becomes second hand. Loads and temperature are what kills cards. A constant load would theoretically be safer for your cards since it wouldn't be under stress from the rapid heating and cooling that goes on like when playing games for example

I'm not paying £180 more for peace of mind, never had a card or cpu die on me yet. It has no doubt been ran hard, but will no doubt last me the years I need it for.

True but it's not just constant load it's constant 100% load.
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User Info: romsnbombs

3 years ago#22
The only thing I'd be worried about with that 290 is the blower fan, if it has one?
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