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I need a free Antivirus that won't slow my computer down

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User Info: HighOnPhazon

3 years ago#1
Ever since I uninstalled MSE (dumb idea) and tried out various other free AV programs, programs aren't operating quite as fast anymore.

First I tried Bitdefender. Wow this program has great reviews, but it's a piece of ****. If you load up a game it has to scan the game files while it loads, and it TRIPLED my initial load time for Civ V. I uninstalled it immediately.

Now I'm using Avira, and this thing seems like it slows down my internet browsing.

I need a better option, something like MSE that was behind the scenes but worked good. Maybe I'll just go back to MSE?
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User Info: GreenMage7

3 years ago#2
Go back to MSE and just use Malware Bytes every once in a while.

User Info: justinkemp99

3 years ago#3
Try installing the free version of Immunet cloud antivirus - It does not slows down the PC because the virus definitions aren't stored on the system.

User Info: darkus_f

3 years ago#4
I use avast and it's very low on resources, it doesn't slow down my system even while scanning.
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User Info: mikewu1

3 years ago#5
360 Internet Security

User Info: Darkcloud20

3 years ago#6
Panda Cloud Antivirus.

User Info: DC07301981

3 years ago#7
I had Norton but cancelled the subscription and used MSE. Uninstalled MSE and now I use avast! and Malwarebytes. Hasn't given me a problem since and work with my computer great.

User Info: 56ninjas

3 years ago#8
Use MSE and if you use chrome install adblock.

User Info: mrCube

3 years ago#9
Bitdefender is pretty low on resources and actually stops malware unlike MSE.
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