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Recent MMO's. Need a new one and opinions.

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User Info: Fade2black001

3 years ago#11
TheC0ndemnedOne posted...
I heard ESO was $10 with some added DLC and 30 days free at Wal-Mart and on eBay.

Its down that low already? LOL they really are desperate aren't they? By this time next year it'll be F2P
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User Info: BuyersRemorse55

3 years ago#12
LOL ESO is not ten bucks.

User Info: AndronicusZero

3 years ago#13
I'd personally go with FFXIV. I'm not a fan of MMOs, but the Final Fantasy atmosphere kept me playing it even well into the endgame gear grind. Recently quit playing it, but had a ton of fun while it lasted.
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User Info: LOLIAmAnAlt

3 years ago#14
ESO or wait for Black Desert

User Info: StormKMD

3 years ago#15
I vote for FFXIV. The first two days, I leveled to 20 and got around 17 hours in it. After 20 it becomes harder to level. Expect some simple quests at the beginning, but it got much better once the story progressed some. Also, the world is so big, and there's really not much loading that goes into the game. It's fantastic, I love it!
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User Info: NGd72

3 years ago#16
LOLIAmAnAlt posted...
ESO or wait for Black Desert

Yup wait for Black Desert. The game that doesnt even have a NA publisher picking it up yet. You'll have to play on another countries servers WHEN it is released (Russian).

The game wont even be out for a long time. Dont listen to this person.

User Info: Zero17000

3 years ago#17
IMO ff14's story is kind of meh, I haven't played it in quite some time tho

User Info: macheteman

3 years ago#18
Ffxiv takes basic hotkey combat and manages to make it even moe boring

User Info: xanadoo

3 years ago#19
ESO is the best of the list, easily, despite the excessive hate on the internet - with maybe the exception of Archage which looks awesome and I want to play

User Info: xanadoo

3 years ago#20
I can't imagine the questing/story/lore in Archage could ever compete with ESO, however.
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