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Opinion on the new Battlefield?

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User Info: ZeraphLordS

3 years ago#51
netcode is probably still trash
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User Info: Sir_Burpalot21

3 years ago#52
Not that the Battlefield franchise has ever been realistic, it was at least grounded and somewhat believable for the main line games. Bad Company was a goofy departure which was acceptable and did well.

Hardline just boggles my mind.
Why try to take the standard BF formula and put it in a civilian setting with cops and robbers?
Why do the cops and robbers have such ridiculous arsenal?
Are these cops or national guard?
Why would such a well organized and well funded criminal group be going for bags of cash from armored cars?

Do I like the idea of a cops and robbers game? Yes
Do I think such a game works with the battlefield formula? No, or at least not like how it's implemented here.

Hardline is flippin stupid. If it was at least somewhat grounded in reality and actually encouraged tactical gameplay then I might like it. But the gameplay is even more brain-dead and tactic-less than Battlefield 4 which is also a far cry from Battlefield 2.
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User Info: jacob5622

3 years ago#53
Surprised no one has mentioned that the Hardline beta is running a million times better than Siege of Shanghai ever did in its beta.

Besides that tiny positive, definitely not worth $60. But I mean come on guys. We are the PC master race. We should not cry about fully-priced games because we DO NOT pay full price. Go look for a $25 key and enjoy some DLC.
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User Info: mrCube

3 years ago#54
It looks like Payday and BF4 had a bastard child. It just doesn't interest me at all. I have enough other games to play, and this one doesn't seem to offer anything that the others don't.

User Info: MuhammadJA

3 years ago#55
It's refreshing from all the military nonsense.
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User Info: 0cu_87

3 years ago#56
The idea is not that bad.
There's just some things that bug me a lot.

-Squad spawning. This makes shootouts so chaotic and 'CoD-like', because there are no frontlines, enemies are just rushing in from all sides.

-Weaponry, RPG on criminals and cops? You're kidding me.

-Rounds too short.

User Info: Orestes417

3 years ago#57
Squad spawning is one of the defining elements of the series and one of the biggest differences from something like CoD. It's also one of the single best elements of the series.
Some roads you shouldn't go down because maps used to say there'd be dragons there. Now they don't, but that don't mean the dragons aren't there.


3 years ago#58
It feels like a reskin of BF4 with some new gamemodes. That is because the engine, sounds, interface and general structure of the game, as well as the gameplay itself comes straight from BF4.

They might call it cops and robbers, but they are using "military style" equipment for the most part. The only thing that really sets it apart are some of the gadgets and the vehicles. Neither of which have really impressed me thus far.

I like the new game modes, but they could have just as easily added them in BF4 in a DLC (No reason not to have these in a military setting, I mean, we also play Capture the Flag in that setting). Personally I do not dislike it, but I think that they need to do more, a lot more, before I feel like it is a worthwhile departure from BF4. Right now it feels like a DLC. Maybe even more so than some of the actual DLC's in battlefield history (example: BC2 Vietnam).
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User Info: iPWNtheNoobs

3 years ago#59
Space Waster

User Info: Orestes417

3 years ago#60
I think perhaps they wasted an opportunity to go back and revisit the idea of asymetric warfare that they last tried in Vietnam... but that comes with the caveat that asymetric warfare is damn near impossible to balance. As for the equipment, it's less far fetched than you think. They'd probably be better off refining the sides to DEA vs Cartels though, if that'd make it easier to swallow.
Some roads you shouldn't go down because maps used to say there'd be dragons there. Now they don't, but that don't mean the dragons aren't there.
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