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need a solid build for a friend

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User Info: tigerjackhammer

3 years ago#1
budget is 1100~, he needs the full setup minus OS, so monitor/mouse/keyboard too

couple of pcpartpicker options would be nice guys haven't done a build or done any research in awhile just looking to throw something together for him since he has no computer


User Info: Jiazhen

3 years ago#2
i get the notion of needing stuff like cpu gpu psu & mobo pick out for a novice but do people really need their keyboard mouse and display picked for them too? Who would know the best ergonomics than the user himself.
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User Info: Snadados

3 years ago#3
Search 900 on the search bar at the bottom. That'll give you several topics about $900 builds.
The remaining $200 should get you a monitor, keyboard and mouse.

If he is up for using his TV for his monitor than search 1000 and use the $100 left for a little better mouse and keyboard.
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