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The "color team competition" on Steam is utter BS

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  3. The "color team competition" on Steam is utter BS

User Info: Fire_Plover

3 years ago#41
It's not rigged... Red jumped from last to first, it'll just depend on the day and who's on what team.
"On one hand, I don't want to blatantly call you an idiot, but on the other, you're an idiot." - JosephDigital

User Info: arleas

3 years ago#42
I wouldn't put it past Valve to "rig" the contest so that everyone on every team had a chance to win at least once. Back when they had this giveaway for a chance at a "golden wrench", they said that it was totally random, when it turned out that the person who crafted something at a precise time would get the wrench.

So Drunken F00l got wind of the schedule for the wrenches to be given out and used a script to craft at the precise time and of course he got a wrench... and then got VAC banned.... and then got hired by Valve.

So yeah, Valve doesn't like cheaters unless you work for them....

User Info: Mr_Delcroix

3 years ago#43
I love Tarantino, christ.
Wonder when they're going to realize that I don't care about karma?
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  3. The "color team competition" on Steam is utter BS

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