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The latest Community Choice vote on Steam...

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User Info: ArthasReborn

3 years ago#61
Urizen5 posted...
Who plays fighting games on a PC? You can only play them (really, really) with a controller of some type. Sounds like you are a closet consolist living in a PC world. You can come out man it's all right. I'm a openly proud consolist that plays PC games, it's all right man. The world isn't completely prejudiced. Some people just prefer a controller over keyboard.

Okay, this is a completely wrong post, considering I play fighting games using a controller on my PC.

User Info: Bmvc1

3 years ago#62
I voted for the category with Sims 3 even though I have no desire to buy it. The other category was terrible.

User Info: Fou Lu

Fou Lu
3 years ago#63
Lvthn posted...
I couldn't believe it won. I was sure I'd get my SFIV.

Same. It was lower than Greenman Gaming had it (it was $8 the other day). I was going to buy it on Steam there if it won, then used my credit with GmG to get Ultra for $9, but nope, people voted for the poorest choice.
I smolder with generic rage.

User Info: Question_mark14

3 years ago#64
I was going to vote for SF4 but then I figured i'll just wait till next year when they release "Ultra super supreme mega punch arcade pc editon" I just hope they add another character that throws hadoken, maybe an even eviler evil Ryu.
Why would you quote TC's 3 paragraph message if you're the second poster, or ever for that matter?

User Info: Kalammer

3 years ago#65
It's DAY 3 for Cthulhu's sake!

If it were day 9 or 10 and those games still hadn't made it into a Community Choice/Daily/Flash sale, then you have every right to whine. Until then, relax and stop acting like a petulant console peasant.
"My job isn't to offer help in the way that you mean." - Boogiepop

User Info: SythisTaru

3 years ago#66
DiviDude posted...
Urizen5 posted...
Who plays fighting games on a PC? You can only play them (really, really) with a controller of some type.

Um, you say that like the two are mutually exclusive or something.

Lol, you can't use controllers on PC. Duh.

User Info: Teh_Tiltyu

3 years ago#67
>not voting for KoF
King of Fighters is objectively the best franchise.
"Mounted Emblem: Sigurdology of the Holsety War" - heavylobsterguy

User Info: lazycomplife

3 years ago#68
I was looking forward to owning Blazblue on PC :(
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User Info: codyorr

3 years ago#69
I'm sorry my vote won. I'll try to refrain from caring in the future.

User Info: Jason_Hudson

3 years ago#70
I wasn't interested in fighting games, and I had all the games in the other section, so I chose randomly.

The other section won. Too bad, maybe they might discount the other games again.

Truth is, if you really wanted those fighting games, you would have bought them by now anyway.
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