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Anybody have experience with Elder Scrolls Arena and Daggerfall?

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  3. Anybody have experience with Elder Scrolls Arena and Daggerfall?

User Info: DC07301981

3 years ago#1
Downloaded these two games for free off the Unofficial Elder Scrolls page and started playing Arena. Made a mage and made it out of the first dungeon and started to level up, buy and create spells, and do some quests. Got up to Level 7.

The controls with the mouse are terrible and so is the melee combat. I was trying to find a way to map movement to the WASD keys but couldn't find anything.

I accepted a quest from a Queen in Morrowind to capture an assassin hiding in a cave. I accidentally saved over the save to the entrance to the cave so I am stuck in the cave. I made multiple saves.

Now, I enter the cave and fight my way to the second level and get a message that the assassin is near. However, these huge spiders and these transparent black wraith looking things suddenly appeared and I keep getting killed. I can't even damage or cast a spell to hurt the wraith. Now I am stuck in the dungeon, after about 10 hours invested into the game. No health, no magic, not enough potions. One to two hits from an enemy will kill me.

Anybody ever make it through these games? How was your experience? Is it worth starting over and playing again from the beginning? I wanted to experience the games since I like the Elder Scrolls games but this game is kicking my ass. The game is hard as hell, must have died more than 200 times from enemy ambushes from behind. I literally save every two minutes when it's nighttime or in a dungeon. Anyone have any tips?

Thanks in advance.

User Info: solosnake

3 years ago#2
You could try again with multiple save files, but Id suggest just moving on to daggerfall
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User Info: CatToy

3 years ago#3
Not sure about Arena, but Daggerfall has an option to bind look to mouse. From there you should be able to keybind the rest of the controls to be more comfortable.

Also I would recommend just skipping Arena entirely.
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User Info: DC07301981

3 years ago#4
I messed up when I accidentally saved over the file that was the entrance to the cave. That's what screwed everything up. By the time I realized it I was like Oh S***.

The game actually isn't that bad. The quests are very generic and randomly generated but they are tedious and time consuming, especially when you take a quest where you have to enter a dungeon or cave.

The game also seems to run too fast on my computer, which makes movement with the mouse clunky and extremely cumbersome.

Might try again sometime in the future.
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  3. Anybody have experience with Elder Scrolls Arena and Daggerfall?

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