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Whats the BEST Gaming Tablet that can handle all PC games?

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User Info: eddy1nsane

3 years ago#21
A tablet that can handle all pc games?
How many PC games do you think it can play? 10000? 1000? 100? 10?
FPS? strategy? Simulator? Racing? Fighting? RPG?
Good-luck playing pinball.
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User Info: BannedMom

3 years ago#22
Where is pharrohoftablets? Lol
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User Info: PharohofLaptops

3 years ago#23
The funny thing is even a tablet or smaller phablet would be more viable than a laptop, if they could give it good battery life, and make it powerful enough to be able to handle PC games at 30 or 60fps. Assuming the Steamboy is legit, it's said to handle the majority of steam PC games.

User Info: wildog2006

3 years ago#24
The Apple Newton is by far the best gaming tablet. Don't look at the specs or even google it, just buy one now.
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User Info: Goldninja

3 years ago#25
The closest (and probably only) would probably be the Surface Pro 3 and even that one would suck at it.
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User Info: KhelThuzad

3 years ago#26
Trolling? Better get the facts right or get owned.

User Info: Blobs_

3 years ago#27
GamingTablet666 posted...
If visuals take a hit, then it's a fine, as long as the framerate is smooth. 60fps might be asking for too much on my end i guess. 30fps will be doable.

However, hows the battery life? preferably on low settings?

I'd normally agree with you due to me being an FPS maniac (I like to maintain >60fps at all times, 120 if possible) But lets be honest, if you plan to play EVERY PC game at 60fps, then the graphics are reaaally gonna have to take a hit.

And if you're OK with crap looking games, then you're probably doing it wrong.
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User Info: DeathScythe_527

3 years ago#28
I have the i5 Surface Pro 3 with 4gb ram and it plays Dota 2 and Civ 5 at 2160x1440 at around 30 fps with the fancier effects off. Haven't tried something like BF4 or Metro: LL on it yet. Haven't used a lower res either.
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