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who wants free stuff?

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User Info: thatscribe

3 years ago#1
I have:
Anomaly 2
Magicka: Wizard Wars E3 Robe
PAYDAY 2 Orc and Crossbreed Masks
EVE Online: Trial Key
EVE Online: Rifter Ship Skin
Landmark 1-Week Closed Beta Key
SMITE - Almighty Zeus
One Month of Twitch Turbo

one per account
no accounts under level 25
I'd rather give the stuff to someone who wants and will use it. especially the DLC stuff.
for Payday 2 and Magicka, you'll need a steam account. I'd also like to make sure you have the games in question <_<

User Info: robert022614

3 years ago#2
i would like the payday 2 stuffs if possible. steam id Rob0620

User Info: pwnater777

3 years ago#3
E3 Digital Ticket, eh?
"Opinions are like magnets, nobody knows how they work." - Foppe

User Info: thatscribe

3 years ago#4
pwnater777 posted...
E3 Digital Ticket, eh?

yeah. finally could redeem the stuff cause I had a verify this browser problem.

User Info: Peskadoshi

3 years ago#5
Yo hit me with dat Zeus skin m8
3DS FC: 4871-3829-9613
IGN is Peskado on steam, league, psn and xbax :>
(message deleted)

User Info: FaPaThY

3 years ago#7
You know if the Warframe booster pack can be used multiple times? If so, I'd like that. Got like 890hrs in the game, if that matters.
"Because I realize I want you. Guts." | "....... Are you a ****?"

User Info: MaxCHEATER64

3 years ago#8
Can I have Anomaly
"Some people have skeletons in their closets. I just have a bone in my pants." -Mitchell2003

User Info: Cool_Dude667

3 years ago#9
Twitch Turbo pls
Not changing this sig until Christ returns -- Started 30 A.D
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User Info: thatscribe

3 years ago#10
FaPaThY posted...
Got like 890hrs in the game, if that matters.

got proof? cause I'd rather give it to someone who will use it. though with that many hours you're liable to quit :P
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