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Anyone know what game this is?

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User Info: RedRiolu447

3 years ago#1
My brother's been trying to figure what game he's thinking of, but none of us know. I figured you guys might be able to help, and put our minds at ease. It's quite an old game (not sure how old).

Here's all we know of the game:
- It was a DOS game.
- Something to do with 'Whizz Kids'
- Followed non-human boy and girl
- Point and click game (maybe with some mini-games)
- Something to do with someone's Grandfather's space ship

So that's all my brother remembers (so some of it may be wrong/remembered incorrectly).

If anyone knows, thank you so much.
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User Info: WeaponX1138

3 years ago#2
Sounds a bit like "Down In The Dumps"
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  3. Anyone know what game this is?

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