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Bioware pandering to the LGBT community again

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User Info: InferiorPeasant

3 years ago#471
EpicKingdom_ posted...
Be careful guys, go on, check my sig.

InferiorPeasant posted...
rtkamb1770 posted...
yea, he needs to calm down too, but i don't know if i care if he gets suspended.

Well don't say you didn't try to help me lol ffs. Seriously, WHAT DID I DO?

Mod me all you want, I'm sick of this sites one sided B.S.

Free Epic!!!
(message deleted)

User Info: SpazH3d

3 years ago#473
xVSaNx posted...
it sucks that gay lady became one of the major writers for bioware, her characters are just over the top annoying, looking at you gay guy in da

not an insult to anyone or anything except that lady, she's an amateur level writer and creator

i hope they let us kill off characters this time tho instead of making them part of the story that you can't avoid

Who are we talking about here? That Jennifer Hepler person? I don't think she is gay.
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User Info: InferiorPeasant

3 years ago#474
steveboblarry posted...
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]

LOL, you called it !

R.I.P Steve & Epic.

User Info: Shinigami2784

3 years ago#475
I just wanna ride the 500 wave.
It's a trick, get an axe.

User Info: rareware101

3 years ago#476
calcycle posted...
Some benefits people want and need are only covered by marriage and not same sex partnerships, so to my understanding we could either change every policy to include same sex partnerships with marriages or just change those partnerships into marriages and keep things the same.

The second choice is a lot simpler, I'm not really against it.

This. Its why we changed the law recently in the UK as civil partnerships did not carry the same benefits in law as marriage. Marriage is now just marriage here unless you're a religious institution and then you get a by because of your made up friends - which is actually more insulting as always.
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(message deleted)
(message deleted)

User Info: steveboblarry

3 years ago#479
Gamefaqs mods really have lost there mind, suspending people left and right. YOU PEOPLE HAVE GONE MAD WITH POWER!!!!
IceJFish is the next drake

User Info: GunmaN1905

3 years ago#480
I think that gfaqs are the only boards I've ever read/written on that have no visible moderators.
It's just ridiculous.

I don't even dare to post anything about this topic since it will probably get moderated, don't wanna hurt anyone's feelings, as if they aren't fragile enough already.
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