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Is it bad to sleep in the same room your computer is in?

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User Info: Kavenry

3 years ago#11
Even small amounts of light can noticeably impact your sleep quality; being exposed to blue light (super white, not warm) before bed is also bad for sleep quality.

Other than that, psychological associations are affected. Your mind will associate your bedroom with sleep (good) and playing on your computer (bad, when mixed with the sleep association).

However there are no direct negative repercussions I can think of, and the 2 things above are not terrible by any means... I am 25 years old, reasonably succesful , and have had a gaming computer in my bedroom since 17.

Hope that helps with your question.
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User Info: sfcalimari

3 years ago#12
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User Info: TheMadToker

3 years ago#13
yup, you're screwed TC. hope you don't plan on having any kids. terraria-server/2485-proxima-centauri-tshock-mediumcore-large-word-247/

User Info: GTRagnarok

3 years ago#14
Computer viruses can be contagious and spread to you.
Wow. Very sig. Such original. Wow.

User Info: thatfool12Gs

3 years ago#15
Clouddx posted...
I think she's worried about injuries to the wrist and forearm.

Yeah but you can watch that type of stuff on your phone too.
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User Info: Incendia_Intus

3 years ago#16
She's either ignorant on the matter or worried you're doing something she wouldn't approve of.
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3 years ago#18
I was at my friend's house and his uncle who lives with him kept coming into the room and saying we needed to shut our rigs off because he can smell them from downstairs. Then he started going on and on about how the motherboards are made out of stuff that is toxic to breath and just slowly kills you.
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User Info: phy2jsh

3 years ago#19
Dragnfyr posted...
No. The only noticeable radiation a computer gives off is from the Wi-Fi.

Not true at all. My computer gives off (very deadly) electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength of approximately 10^-4 of a metre, sometimes known as IR (heat). It also gives off (also very deadly) radiation with an approx wavelength of 10^-7 of a metre, sometimes known as visible light.

I blame the media for turning the words 'radiation' and 'nuclear' into scary words. Physicists use a method called NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) to analyse atomic structure. But when it gets used in hospitals, they feel the need to call it MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), as people would be scared to use it if they used the word 'nuclear'.

While I'm at it: mobile phones don't cause brain damage; nuclear elec generation is much safer than fossil fuels etc etc.

User Info: SpazH3d

3 years ago#20
good_mangorush posted...
Long story short, your mom worried if you watch porn.

This. Tell her to let you watch porn in peace, because you're a grown man of a tender 14 years!
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