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Who else ISN'T excited for Dragon Age Inquisition?

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User Info: steveboblarry

3 years ago#91
Orestes417 posted...
I'd forgotten it was even coming out tbh. The series isn't even on my radar really.

I am surprised considering its an EA product
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User Info: apolloooo

3 years ago#92
I am giving it and bioware one last chance before considering bioware is dead. Mass effect 3 was fantastic save for the ending.
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User Info: Unbridled9

3 years ago#93
I don't really care. Just another high-price risk of a game that I can wait on until the price drops. I have about 400 or so games. I can wait for just a few months or a year or two for the price to drop and its quality to be assured.
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User Info: M DAMAGE

3 years ago#94
Not excited at all-- I dont give EA or Ubisoft money anymore. Most so called, "AAA" devs I hate with a passion.

The only bigtime devs I still like are Nintendo and bethesda. Capcom and Blizzard got epically ruined so they dont get my cash either.

I'll give money to stuff like divinity original sin all day every day instead of Electronic Ass hats. (EA)

User Info: Runeweaver

3 years ago#95
After dragon age 2, Mass effect 3's ending and Swtor im gonna wait till DAI is released before i think about buying it, if its an average game il wait for a price drop.

User Info: Dark_Spiret

3 years ago#96
after DA2, ME3 and TOR bioware have been on a slippery slope for me. Ill give DAI a chance, but im not expecting too much of it. After EA got their little claws into them theyve just been getting worse and worse.
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User Info: Shin_Gallon

3 years ago#97
Me, but then I didn't like the first two games in the series, so...
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User Info: SirLezdain

3 years ago#98
Yeah, what happened to the Blight and the darkspawn? This is supposed to be the Dragon Age when all of this crap goes down, the underlying motif that ties together the series, but instead it has been swapped for the incredibly boring Templar vs Mage conflict. They've gone out of their way to demonize the templars as ravening bigots and have us sympathize with the mages, but from everything I've seen in the series, as vicious and prejudiced as the templar are, they're right: the mages are extremely dangerous. Every mage in the series either has dark ulterior motives or devolves into insane blood mage (whose powers don't even seem all that incredible) the second they're left off the leash.

Someone else also mentioned the off-putting lack of continuity and I complete agree. What happened to the previous two protagonists, the side characters? Did they just disappear? What a cynical series this has become, made by people with no artistic integrity who only have love for money.
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User Info: WayWardFelix

3 years ago#99
I love the dragon age games so yep I'm definitely getting DA:I.:]
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User Info: Nenina

3 years ago#100
I'm not, because it's probably not going to run on my 3.0GHz core2duo. Instead I will get The Sims 4 and cry a lot and wear black.
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