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An individual whos personality is defined by their sexuality....

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User Info: JKatarn

3 years ago#341
cyberkyber posted...
JKatarn posted...
WyzeGye posted...
JonWood007 posted...
Well, maybe people who are not striaght wouldn't make an identity out of their sexuality if they weren't discriminated against in the first place. Sometimes being told you're a horrible person for being X actually makes you take pride in the label. Kinda like me with atheism >_>.

That door swings both ways. There are circles where being heterosexual is an invitation to be ostracized.

And where would this mythical place where heterosexuals are ostracized be, lol?

The Blue Oyster Bar, I heard a couple of cops went in there and got harrased.

Remember, if you let them gays into your vidya games they'll be wantin' every game and EVERY bar to be just like this'ne!!
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User Info: Veoris

3 years ago#342
JKatarn posted...
Veoris posted...
JKatarn posted...
Right, and men being physically larger on average with 2-3x the muscle mass of woman as well as the dominant position in society has nothing to do with it, lol. As a man, don't play the "poor traditional man browbeaten by these scary progressive women" bs. I'm not condoning senseless violence of any kind, mind you, but women are less aggressive/weaker then men (both physically and in societal position) and are thus far more likely to need special consideration.

That's a lie. But it's understandable you'd assume such things. Still a blatant lie.

Question: do you like being seen as the "aggressive" sex by default?

And that thing about women being submissive in society. Yeah, no. At least many of us in the world are trying to change that. I don't understand why you have to factor in the "societal positions of men and women" in your argument. Which are wrong btw, especially this day and age. (Ok, I'll add "my opinion". Don't need another fit atm..)

Women don't need special consideration. People just need to stop being physically violent with each other. Simple.

Poor choice of words on my part, but statistics show that violent crime is overwhelmingly committed by men, men are far more likely to stalk ex-girlfriends and become violent when spurned, and your average woman is likely going to have a difficult time defending herself against a male attacker due to a.) the attacker's aggression b.) men on average being larger and having more upper body etc. muscle mass. That is not to say that there aren't strong, capable women who could knock out men 2-3x their size, because there are, I'm talking about your average woman here. Nor am I implying that every woman should be sheltered and protected like some delicate teacup, but rather pointing out that a supposed battered/beleagured man (unless he's fighting say Lou Ferrigno) is far more likely to stand up to his attacker than an untrained woman and more likely to successfully fend them off. My ultimate point is that men don't need advocates as we haven't had to fight for the right to vote, for the right to work etc. I agree that people should work out their differences amicably in a non-violent manner.

Thank you for clearing that up. Misunderstood you.

Agree with you 100%.

And thank you for your sensible posts in this thread. (Unlike mine, which are sorta insensible, but that's kinda on purpose. Thinking back, I hope it doesn't degrade what you guys have posted. Sorry.)
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User Info: Veoris

3 years ago#343
Yes, many men tend to resort to physical violence all too quickly.

Sad. But I think it's a consequence of the sexism ingrained in society. What TC thinks men are "biologically" written as, that is to simply suppress emotions. Men aren't really taught how to handle their emotions at all. They are just pushed to the side.

I think this inclination to physical violence is a byproduct of that. Not to get too personal, but I see it very frequently in my father.

I don't think it has anything to do with biology (even if someone says "but.. TESTOSTERONE D:"), but more so the sexism in culture, society.
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User Info: Buburibon

3 years ago#344
Veoris posted...
I want to fight for gay rights, gay marriage, adoption etc. to give some hope to these people. That they may have more to fight and live for. Otherwise as I said, they tend to fall to meaningless sex, drugs, etc.

Now it seems like I'm generalizing but I'm not. This is the impression I get from the gay people in my area. I am envious of other countries where gay people are taken more seriously. People like HighOnPhazon, etc, are a hindrance to these things. It's depressing. So I have a little fun with them. Don't I have the right?

Don't take everything I say here seriously peeps.

That's great, and I admire that. Now, just make sure to fight smart, be gentle and pick your battles wisely. You know, there are people out there who will never accept the LGBT community as true equals, but that doesn't mean they also oppose equality under the law. So, you take whatever support you can get, no matter how little it may seem to you at the time. Eventually, these small victories will turn into something much more meaningful. :-)
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User Info: Amirygon

3 years ago#345
Animorganimate posted...
These threads are awesome for knowing who to add "bigot" tags to. Social interactions are much easier when people wear their hate on their sleeves.

You're right, and I'll be glad to title you as a bigot. Well, I would if I were as self-righteous and hypocritical as your kind.

Sum_quod_eris posted...
True enough. That said, Bioware writers are incapable of making it believable in the first place. That's why it really doesn't matter.

Believe me, I'd love for more games to actually explore the lives of their characters. It's just that it takes good writers to pull that off. For example, while not exactly what we're talking about, The Last of Us is great in that department. You get a good feel for the characters, their motivations, and their faults simply by progressing through the game. You even learn one of the characters is gay in the DLC and it fits right in with what the player knows of that character. Sure, it was decided after the fact, but it didn't take away from who that character is.

This Dragon Age one comes off as "So, hey, we made a gay guy because we hadn't had any gay guys before. Built him from the ground up as gay and then molded his background around the idea of him being gay." Like, what? How about you make the character's story first and see if him being gay makes it more interesting while you're doing so?

Aye, that's all it ever can possibly come off as for any sane person that doesn't give a damn about sexual preferences. If even that, probably more of a marketing ploy in the vein of "we haz lost fans, can we has the lgbt crowdzies?"

PyjamaHero posted...
If bioware had any aplomb the headline would show up when players discovered that a character in their midst was gay, not for self aggrandizement and sales.

This IS pandering and blatant targeted marketing. They aren't being clever or making a point. A spectacular point would have been made when the firestorm hit over homophobes getting pissed off over a homosexual hitting on them.

I want it to go like this.

Gay (unknown to the player) character joins party.

Player character has no obvious attachments to any female characters and is male.

Gay character gives a gentle hint that he finds player character attractive.

Dialog options:

1) Well isn't this a fine how do you do? Achievement unlocked: How do you do?

2) Actually, with this inquisition I just don't have time for romance. Also, flattered but I don't swing my "sword" that way."
Achievement unlocked: Swing my "sword"

3) "Your kind are a blight worse than the dragons. When the inquisition is over you're next."
Achievement unlocked Blighted by hate

You could only get one of the 3 and never get a different one. We could all laugh at the confirmed homophobes.

Though I tend to only play female characters regardless, I'd happily play just enough of a male character up to that point to pick the 3rd option just to steer clear of what many/little self-righteous hypocrites that make up the LBGT community.

(I hate this character & quote limit... FFS!)
It is the fact you are offended, quite frankly, that offends me.

User Info: Amirygon

3 years ago#346
Internet_Golem posted...
It doesn't matter, you are clearly a homophobe because you think gay people shouldn't be treated specially in advertising

"You're a homophobe, because I said so!"

WyzeGye posted...
I also think abortion is wrong.... but thats another topic for another day when Abortion Simulator 2014 gets greenlit. (but i fully support the right to choose.)

Soon as I read this, I'm imagining someone will want to call you out for wanting to deny a woman's right to choose. Let's see if I'm right by the time I finish reading this thread. I guess not, that's actually surprising.

Veoris posted...
Straight people don't do this?


What are WEDDINGS??

(better example)

What is the Kim Kardashian/Kanye West wedding!?

What is the British Royal Wedding?

WHoa, they're not defining themselves with their sexuality, announcing it to the world, and attracting attention!?

Weddings are a classically-religious ritual that were inspired for the protection and security of the future children. These travesties today as you mention are problems, not just for LGBT members but for heterosexuals - I've certainly yet to find anyone I know that boasted about those recent practices wherein they all condemned the likes of the celebrity weddings, because that's all they are: celebrity weddings.

KingDFizzle posted...
Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender

You know, because we have to include every inclination you could ever dream of and pretend it's normal. I'm expecting a few more letters to be added to that acronym in the coming decades.

It's not about it being normal or not, but because of the fact under the legal world the LGBT community had been treated for a long time like a community of criminals.

But nowadays, they're definitely going about the wrong way, wherein if the LGBT community really was intent on defending itself and was really in support of equality, it would've taken the libertarian philosophy of toleration (such as abolishing the government and legal recognition of marriage and letting people be) instead of the statist ideals to force everyone into acceptance. What we see is nothing short of an offensive front made by the modern LGBT community (which now uses the same tools it once opposed because of it being infected by mostly self-righteous and hypocritical morons that label anyone as a homophobe for remotely disagreeing with its latest agenda), something even most homosexuals I know see pretty well (and I know plenty).

Honestly, I wouldn't even be surprised if the mass majority of the modern LGBT community turned out to be an anti-LGBT front since they're doing far more damage to their own movement than any other group ever could.
It is the fact you are offended, quite frankly, that offends me.

User Info: Halo05

3 years ago#347
Ticking_Death posted...
Sub Tank posted...
Just wait until they make a new alignment system that includes sexual preference.

-10 Magic Defense due to your rejection of Dorian's romantic advances. Try checking your privilege, Warden

I'm dying here. You are my hero.
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User Info: merqabah

3 years ago#348
Veoris posted...
Yes, many men tend to resort to physical violence all too quickly.

Sad. But I think it's a consequence of the sexism ingrained in society. What TC thinks men are "biologically" written as, that is to simply suppress emotions. Men aren't really taught how to handle their emotions at all. They are just pushed to the side.

I think this inclination to physical violence is a byproduct of that. Not to get too personal, but I see it very frequently in my father.

I don't think it has anything to do with biology (even if someone says "but.. TESTOSTERONE D:"), but more so the sexism in culture, society.

violence has a lot to do with testosterone, as both a cause and a result of testosterone, plenty of studies about it, not a matter of opinion, you really should back up every opinion you have with actual facts, especially if you think to go into advocating for rights.
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User Info: thelovebat

3 years ago#349
JuliafanAM posted...
Also I don't have a lot of respect or admiration for EA/Bioware either, it's more like that I'm just happy that it's being acknowledged at all. I get that drawing attention to like this is just a marketing ploy, and that irritates people, but I still prefer there being options as opposed to not even getting anything.

If there were more developers willing to gives us gay characters, I'd feel differently.

I'll copy and past something I posted in another topic about this issue, since I feel a lot of people are just missing why people see red flags popping up with how the characterization will be handled in Inquisition. Not to mention the character description which was recently released for Cole sounds like fanfiction tier writing.

Will copy and paste my feelings about this in the next post due to character limit.
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User Info: thelovebat

3 years ago#350
From this topic

thelovebat posted...
Clashtonn posted...
k darkfire posted...
This is what pisses me off. Why does being gay have to define him? "hey guys this guy is gay! He's not normal, hes gay and that makes him different!", why does it have to define who he is?

Clashtonn posted...
Oh no, they're not subtly hinting at homosexuality? They're treating it like it's not an underground sub-culture?

Next thing you know they'll be saying other races are acceptable too!

No, it's worse, they're gunna make him stereotypical. he's gunna be flamboyant and pretty ****ing offensive. Bioware doesn't know how to write gay characters, they just make them walking stereotypes that end up being offensive.

Considering he's being written by a homosexual, I think it'll be fine.

The issue is that Gaider is not a very good writer. He's making a big deal about writing a fully gay character, when he should be proud of something like writing a good character or making a sequel better than the first game. He's making everything out to be like it's already some big humongous accomplishment when it won't mean anything if, or when, it turns out it's a poorly written, shallow character. The fact they've made so many characters in their recent games to be closet bisexuals of sorts just lessens the meaning of what it would be for a character to be homosexual, since it's just pandering to the people who wanted the option for that romance, rather than writing a character the way they felt they should be written from the start. With having a multitude of characters being bisexual, there's hardly any fear of rejection on part of the characters should one take romantic interest in another.

People at Bioware just really seem to like tooting their own horn before a game actually comes out. They can't just let us be surprised at the fact they have a wonderfully written gay character in their game by letting us play it. They have to go out and tell everyone about it without us even knowing if the character is worth calling well written. Jennifer Hepler when she worked at Bioware shoehorned in plenty of mediocre or bad tropes and clichés in the writing too, especially with dialogue in the romances. Sadly, those are the kind of people Bioware has been hiring for a good while, they'd rather make social statements and tell everyone about all the great things they'll be doing with their game rather just having the game talk for them because it's so wonderfully done.

With an RPG developer such as Obsidian, they're looking to make good RPGs for people to play, even if sometimes they're too ambitious and have some loose ends to iron out when they're released. If they had a gay character in their game (I seem to remember they had one in Fallout New Vegas), they would let you experience it for yourself and have the quality speak for them.

With Bioware, they're just looking to sell games and make statements to cover their back so if you don't like their games or think the quality of the writing is subpar they can backpedal or make excuses deflecting legitimate criticism. This has been the case with plenty of things surrounding Bioware since Dragon Age 2.
"Too bad you can't reload your game and try again." Cassidy- Fallout 2
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