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Former console gamers, why did you switch to PC gaming?

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User Info: Garage_Man

2 years ago#11
m-devil555 posted...
SinisterSlay posted...
Much more JRPG's on PC than there are on console.

Really? The reason I was going to keep my PS3 was because I thought it had more JRPG's than PC.

It does, good ones at least. It is also why I got a PS4. Who cares about power, it is about the experiences. You can go drive a 1959 Corvette and it is as gutless as a prius but the experience makes it worth it.

User Info: Nex-Gen63759

2 years ago#12
I played garry's mod and the community has the best satire ever.

User Info: sonicteam2k1

2 years ago#13
I didn't "switch" I just added it to my gaming. It's been great. all the customization, mods, cheap games, performance and visuals. There was no reason not to. I love PC gaming, when it works. It's a pain in the dick when stuff goes wrong.
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User Info: Superemppu

2 years ago#14
Modding Oblivion was my number 1 reason to get a gaming PC back in 2009. Played with playstation consoles until then and overtime I've switched more and more to PC. It's the customization, steam sales, mouse+kb in majority of games, higher FPS and better graphics, the joy of building and tweaking my computer and PC has games and genres that consoles can't even imagine. Also stuff like minecraft doesn't happen on a strictly controlled platform.

I use my ps3 to play NHL12 with my wife. And to entertain my nephew and other random kids when they come over.
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User Info: vashtricham

2 years ago#15
m-devil555 posted...
SinisterSlay posted...
Much more JRPG's on PC than there are on console.

Really? The reason I was going to keep my PS3 was because I thought it had more JRPG's than PC.

He has no clue what he is talking about and is probably including being able to emulate older games that most console jrpg lovers have played years ago. Pc doesnt get many jrpg and very rarely get releases at the same time as consoles and handhelds.
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User Info: DC07301981

2 years ago#16
PC has more strategy games than consoles. Strategy and RPG's are my favorite genre and play them almost exclusively. The games are generally cheaper than console too, which is why PC is more attractive for me as a gaming platform.

I need the functionality of a PC as well. Internet browsing, word processing, editing, etc. You can't really do that on a console.

IMO, PC has more value for the money. The cost is initially higher, but in the long run, depending on your gaming needs, it's cheaper and the variety of games and modding communities make for an unlimited gaming experience.

I like consoles for their simplicity and pick up and play type of design, but I need more than something just to play games on. A console seems like a toy, whereas a PC is more of a true machine.
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User Info: Lvthn

2 years ago#18
I suppose I'm a former console gamer in the sense that my first gaming experiences were on Atari 2600 and NES, but I've spent most of my gaming time on PCs. PC has generally catered to the genres and interests I have more, has always had a bit more edge to the games, has long been cheaper in many ways, and I enjoy tinkering with the technology.

The fact that PCs also now offer nearly everything consoles do and then some, in addition to still doing everything I loved about them before, just means consoles barely even get turned on in my house now.

User Info: 56ninjas

2 years ago#19
I was happy with my PS3, then at e3 I saw the next gen consoles and I was really unimpressed so I decided to build a PC. I don't have that ps3 anymore and I haven't looked back since.

User Info: Boge

2 years ago#20
I never switched to PC gaming from console gaming. From the days of playing Atari 2600 (my first gaming days), we also had an old Atari computer that played some games, C64, Commodore Amiga, then your current IBM compatible PCs and I used to call them, to today's "PCs".

However, there was a time I was a console person. It was between the 16bit and 32bit era. I'd been on Amiga for a very long time before playing on a Genesis and SNES. Those graphics were about on par with the Amiga, better in some ways. Then comes the Sega Saturn and PS, 3D. PCs were up and coming, but it seemed these consoles had the graphical edge. Something like Diablo on PS had better lighting than the PC version. Wing Commander 3 looked better on PS than PC.

My brothers were always arguing with me about PCs being better, but I didn't believe them. 3D acceleration hit PCs and they were showing me games like Outlaws, Quake, and Tomb Raider. I remember thinking that the smoothing effect was terrible. It made the walls in Tomb Raider look less jaggedy and rocky like they should...they were cave walls. It just seemed to make things look blurry. I didn't like it.

Then I saw Quake 2. Wow. The colors popped out. The framerate was silky smooth. That was pretty. I got myself a Monster 3D that Christmas and have never again said that consoles were better.

Anything consoles can do, PCs can do better.
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