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Former console gamers, why did you switch to PC gaming?

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3 years ago#41
Three words:



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User Info: R_Fated_Circle

3 years ago#42
no reason to completely switch i play all games from vita to 3ds to wii-u to ps3 to pc and so forth. However if a game is multiplatform i will always get the pc version.
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User Info: WarShadowFH

3 years ago#43
Mainly a PC gamer, but I do enjoy my 3ds, not to mention Smash bros is a thing among my friends. I love that game only reason to own a Nintendo console.
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User Info: sauruschamp1

3 years ago#44
The next gen consoles have yet to have enough games to keep me occupied so decided to get a gaming pc instead. Steam sales are on of the main factors (336 games and counting) as well as mods add a lot of replay value and bug fixes to games. Also pc gets the best of both worlds as you can still use a controller for most newer games. I still play on the wii u and the previous gen consoles occasionally though for the exclusives but when you can get a game for a couple of dollars or preorder a game from gmg for $25 compared to the $60 to $100 for a console game the choice is obvious (I live in Australia so game prices are ridiculous).
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User Info: wantfastcars

3 years ago#45
Ratchet611 posted...
m-devil555 posted...
Consoles just seem like weak PC's to me now.

Pretty much just summed it up for me. I'm not entirely a PC gamer, though and still play on consoles quite a bit. Sooner or later though, I plan on switching entirely to PC gaming. Consoles nowadays try too hard to be computers, especially with all the F2P games they have, the constant game/software updates, and all the social media bullcrap they have now.

This, as well as a jump in graphics and a general preference to M+K over controller.
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User Info: Sinfullyvannila

3 years ago#46
Never really switched, but strategy games.
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User Info: Digital_S

3 years ago#47
I used to divide my gaming between PS1, N64 ,PS2 and PC but went full PC after seeing the PS3 being basically just a watered down PC ,I never went back.

Consoles died for me when the 360/PS3 generation started.
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User Info: Yuniuninuniun

3 years ago#48
I play a lot of MMOs and I didn't have a working TV
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User Info: good_mangorush

3 years ago#49
Not really switching, but I currently use my PC more than my console for 2 reason:
- Have awesome experience modding Skyrim, Saints Row, Fallout, The Witcher, etc
- Emulator, now I can back up my PS1 and PS2 games on HDD and play them on my PC with better performance ( and save states lol).
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User Info: Tyler_NinjaCat

3 years ago#50

And better graphics.

Yes I'm that kind of person
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