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Former console gamers, why did you switch to PC gaming?

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User Info: grampamurked

3 years ago#81
m-devil555 posted...
InferiorPeasant posted...
I always wanted to be a PC gamer anyways because I always loved RTS games.

I played a lot of games I didn't realise I'd like so much and all of them were apparently better on PC, such as xcom:EU and dragon age origins, if my favourites are better on pc than I might as well get a pc.

m-devil555 posted...
Bane766 posted...
I still play my consoles a lil bit, but I have yet to get one of the next gen consoles. They don't have any great games out for them, that aren't on PC. Once a good RPG comes out for PS4, that isn't on PC, I'll prob get the system. Until then, it's PC for me.

I regret buying the PS4 because I don't really use it and it'll probably be very rarely used until bloodborne comes out.

Pretty much the same
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User Info: DarKxReckoninG

3 years ago#82
m-devil555 posted...
What made you switch to PC gaming?
I will be building my first gaming PC soon, i will still use my consoles for certain games but my PC will be my main gaming platform. The reason for this is because eighth generation consoles have these new features which make them like a PC but not as good. Consoles just seem like weak PC's to me now.

Honestly I still love consoles. Everybody hates on them but consoles bring a feeling of content with the products you buy for them. Imo atleast.

For instance, despite hardware that can max any game on the market currently and coming up, Sniper Elite III gave me a horrible time whilst trying to get it running good for some damn odd reason. It caused me to start the first mission from midway about 4 times, 2 hours of forum and google searching and some driver rollbacks, as well as a re-install to figure it out.

I went to my buddies house and he had Sniper Elite III on PS4. I popped it in, it loaded almost instantly, and I was playing. It looked fantastic, not noticeably different than PC unless you were searching, and it was smooth. Loved the simplicity, and ever sense my X360 broke two months ago, Ive been PC gaming solo. I miss it. Ill probably pick up a PS4 soon.
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User Info: kobalobasileus

3 years ago#83
If I have to deal with DRM stupidity, downloadable titles, constant patches/updates, mountains of DLC, and every game being multi-platform, I'll go with the platform that has had all of those terrible things the longest and has thus figured out how to handle them the best.

Microsoft's plan to turn consoles into PCs with the original Xbox backfired, removing all of the advantages but not adding any of the benefits.

User Info: Hypnotizer

3 years ago#84
I was no longer impressed with console hardware....

plus PC, while the initial investment might be a bit more, saves you $$$ in the long run. Plus you have the option to upgrade whenever you want and not at the end of a console cycle.
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User Info: lostlibrarian

3 years ago#85
Money, dear boy

User Info: metalmariolord

3 years ago#86
Convenience.Didn't want to go console for multiplats, and I'm adicted to mods. Only get consoles for exclusives, and that's always Nintendo for me.
And emulators.

EdiT: I completely forgot Strategy games.Which was the reason I began using PC's first.
"Bury me with my money" Simon Greedwell.
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User Info: MrApple

3 years ago#87
better framerate, resolution, aa, af and keeping my game library instead of losing it at the end of a console gen like the ps360.
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User Info: ArkonBlade

3 years ago#88
I've been PC gaming since 1991 but been on and off with it.

Newer Gen consoles are just becoming more like lower end gaming PC's and PC gaming has just been improving more and more with things like sales.

Just seems like the smarter move now.
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User Info: KingKobo

3 years ago#89
Consoles just suck. The last two "generations" in particular have been god-awful with the introduction of things such as

-Paid Online Subscription (Pay to use my own internet connection which I already overpay my ISP for LOL)
-Removal of Backwards Compatibility with some games (and then subsequently the re-release of those games allowing you to buy games you already own twice or leave your old console cluttering up the entertainment center. How Lovely)
-Forced installs of games from the disc to the HDD (Like Seriously!?!? It's already on the freaking consoles hard drive. Why do I STILL need the disc to be in the drive in order to play? How much bloody DRM does Sony and Microsoft need!?!)

Not to mention expensive games, DLC cashgrabs/microtransactions, crappy quality control ( I've had 3 Xbox 360's die on me because of Red Rings. Recently purchased an Xbox One and literally spent the entire day troubleshooting it, because apparently it's suppose to have a huge patch installed right away to remove the always online DRM)

Some of these problems exist on PC too but can be easily worked around or avoided since the platform is way more open. Taking things like mods and graphics into account makes the choice pretty obvious.

User Info: CaptainKatsura

3 years ago#90
My 360 broke and I didn't want any of the new consoles at the time,so I decided to make a gaming rig.
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