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Former console gamers, why did you switch to PC gaming?

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User Info: ntstambo2

3 years ago#91
I picked up an XB1 (paper weight) and a PS4 at launch and was using my 1st gen i7/600 series PC to play D3 mainly prior to that. I then played literally everything that came out on PS4 until recently when I bought a new high end PC. I switched because I like to play games completely maxed out and I can also install mods. I also started playing an MMO again. I also have a high end TV, so the new PC now sits in my man cave living room. I'm using one of my XB1 controllers with it. Add in Steam Big Picture and I finally have a TRUE next gen console. I'll still play exclusives and sports games on the other systems.
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User Info: Asellus

3 years ago#92
Convenience of having all your games accessible from one machine, the fact that between mods and multiplayer I always felt like I got more value out of pc games than console ones, not having to pay for access to multiplayer, and backwards compatibility.

User Info: KOTRwhoops

3 years ago#93
I only got my first gaming PC back in October 2012, up to then I was nearly exclusively a console gamer, expect for the odd RTS, the Football Manager series and Tycoon games. To be honest I was 100% content with console gaming until about 2010, after I had finished university. The main reasons for me:

- I had been in a job for 2 years after uni and had enough money to build a beast and pay for it myself outright.
- I was getting fed up with the PS3/360 generation of games, the PS4 and Xboner came too late.
- To play Xenoblade and other Wii games I owned in HD glory, as well as PS2 games.

Secondary Reasons:
- Building a PC from scratch was something that excited me, I love messing around with settings and parts.
- More niche games
- Much better gaming performance, especiaily graphics.
- The prospect of modding Skyrim

Glad I did it, I will always game on consoles... Well until JPN games all make it to PC.
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User Info: iiFroZenHeAveNz

3 years ago#94
Well one day I woke up and realized... With $430 dollars I could have used that towards a very good GPU. I also realized that most PS4 games are well.. $65 including tax. That's a whopper. So, long term I thought I would save myself money. I turned my PS4 into a platform where I would play games that would not be made for PC (i.e. Destiny). It took me too long to make this realization but when I did, I put money into renovating my current PC and got new parts for it.
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User Info: Dawnshadow

3 years ago#95
After my Sega Genesis died, my parents refused outright to buy another console. I had a computer, the computer had games, I should play games on it.

Note that this was decidedly NOT a gaming computer, so I didn't have many games. I was, at the time, too young to have a job, though, so I was stuck with it. It was enough to get me to stick with a PC over consoles once I got a job, though.
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