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what is your gpu(s) in your gaming pc?

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User Info: Sefyroth

3 years ago#21


User Info: EsperValkyrie

3 years ago#22
Radeon HD 6670 I believe. It's about time for an upgrade but I just haven't been bothered enough to do it
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User Info: Knighted Dragon

Knighted Dragon
3 years ago#23
7970 Ghz right now, I'm about to buy a 280X to crossfire with my 7970 for MOAR power
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User Info: mccue166

3 years ago#24
EVGA 780 FTW. Want to get a second one pretty soon.
4770k@4.5, Hyper 212+, 16gb 2133 Corsair Dominator, EVGA 780@1100 core/1600 memory, 250gb EVO, 4tb Western Digital Red, Asus Z87m-Plus, AX860,

User Info: Jaghave

3 years ago#25
Shock I don't see any sli setups so far
I7-2600k OC @ 4.10GHZ | GeForce GTX 780TI | 8 GB DDR3.
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User Info: somebody336

3 years ago#26
Evga 780 (stock).
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User Info: Pepys Monster

Pepys Monster
3 years ago#27
somebody336 posted...
Evga 780 (stock).
i7-4790K | EVGA GTX 780 3GB | 16GB G.Skill DDR3-1866 | 1TB Crucial M550 SSD | 4TB WD Black HDD | MSI Z97 Gaming 7 | Dark Rock Pro 3 | Antec EA-650 Platinum

User Info: Acquire

3 years ago#28
Two msi gtx 780 Ti gaming in sli.
Thrive on change. Embrace volatility.

User Info: Ragnawind

3 years ago#29
In my gaming PC I have a Geforce GTX 650 TI, I think

User Info: swatkiller546

3 years ago#30
gtx 660 (stock)
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