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Is there a way to Upgrade Windows 7 with an OEM version.

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User Info: Hot_Rod_Prime

3 years ago#1
So building my neighbour a PC, all the bits before WIndows 7 OEM arrived, so I just slung it together and installed my Windows on it, unregistered, thinking I'll use the OEM Windows key to upgrade it when it arrives.

Of course now I've found out that I can't. Windows Upgrade Anytime says that the Windows Key isn't a suitable one for anytime upgrade. Am I gonna have to re-install Windows completely or is there a way around this please?
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User Info: Shub

3 years ago#2
Either you are confused, or I am. Windows Anytime Upgrade is something entirely different from the activation of an existing Windows install. If I'm understanding your post correctly, what you said you had in mind should work, as long as, for example, if you ordered a Windows 7 Home Premium OEM key, you actually installed Windows 7 Home Premium.
Windows Anytime Upgrade is if you want to switch editions, e.g. you wish to upgrade your Home Premium install to Professional or Ultimate.
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User Info: joemama1992

3 years ago#3
The oem key isn't an upgrade key. It needs it's own clean installation.. if I'm reading this right... its slightly confusing. Did you install a different version of windows then expect to use the OEM key to upgrade it to 7?
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User Info: Rai_Jin

3 years ago#4
He installed Windows 7 and now wants to activate it, thinking it has something to do with Anytime Upgrade.

User Info: lostlibrarian

3 years ago#5
control panel-> type 'activate windows' in search bar -> click 'activate windows' -> enter activation key

User Info: Hot_Rod_Prime

3 years ago#6
oh right lol
how dumb am I?
Thanks chiefs.
I forgot.
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