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Just lost a dearly loved pet

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User Info: zoniax

3 years ago#71
alsroboshack posted...
happymealyum posted...
zoniax posted... Posted 7/9/2014 10:46:05 AM
Sorry for your loss, but cats don't count. They can't love you.

Stupidest post of the day.

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So he made that account just to say that.

No, I've had it a while. Never felt the need to post before. I just dislike people that think cats have anything but contempt in their hearts and minds. Sorry, it just didn't care about you.

And as someone else pointed out, you refer to your cat constantly as "it". Weird, for something you care so much about. I don't feel bad at all pointing that out, sorry I'm not sorry.

User Info: SleepComa

3 years ago#72
What was her name ?? My friend has this cute fat cat lol

User Info: SpazH3d

3 years ago#73
zoniax posted...
I just dislike people that think cats have anything but contempt in their hearts and minds. Sorry, it just didn't care about you.

And as someone else pointed out, you refer to your cat constantly as "it". Weird, for something you care so much about. I don't feel bad at all pointing that out, sorry I'm not sorry.

Then tell me the reason why a cat will sleep in bed with you for many years, and purr like a machine till it falls asleep? That's just wanting food, right?

What the hell kind of thinking is this. Oh f it, everyone is a troll, I don't care.
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User Info: MGS_GZ2014

3 years ago#74
may i have the remains?
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User Info: Pauken

3 years ago#75
WhopperWithMilk posted...
...just to note, letting your cat out to do whatever the hell it wants is one of the leading causes of songbird decline. Please put your other cats on a leash when they're outside so that the songbirds don't get driven to extinction. It doesn't have to be a TIGHT leash, as long as it keeps the cat on your property and thus not be able to stalk all the birds in other parts of your neighbourhood. I'm sorry if this seems inconsiderate, but it is important if people want to continue seeing songbirds in their neighbourhoods.

This isn't inconsiderate despite what sensitive people might think, but people simply don't care. The idea that lol only cats and dogs matter, **** anything else is a dangerous mindset. Imagine how much people get pissed off when cats/dogs get eaten in china, but walk away and dont care when pigs(who aren't stupid) , cows, chickens,etc get slaughtered for meat.

Take simpletons like this guy

And also:LOL at cats destroying the enviroment.The enviroment survived just fine with cats running wild before humans came along.Only humans are destroying anything.Birds and stuff being eaten and Preyed on/by is just nature.The stupidity of people is amazing.

Who actually think that cats have little to no part in killing innocent birds and have no impact whatsoever . But of course, sucks for the birds right? who cares right? It's perfectly okay if your domesticated cat that you have, goes on other peoples yards to kill wildlife(some cats even do it for the heck of it , not even to eat the thing) Whats even more dangerous is the denial he'll go through and the great ridiculous lengths in supporting that point. I bet you if TC made a topic about how his pet bird died or any other animal besides a dog/cat he'd be met with more "lol who cares?" comments.

I for one love cats, dogs, etc. But I would do whatever it takes to keep my cat safe. Which means not letting it go on other peoples yards(thinking that your cat should do whatever the **** it wants and not taking into account other peoples views on cats is completely selfish. Not everyone likes cats or dogs), and keeping it supervised. Feeding it, keeping it indoors(and if for whatever reason i bring it outdoors, i make sure to supervise the cat). Making sure it's healthy and taking care of it as much as possible.

Not letting it go wherever the **** it wants to and it killing wildlife, possibly being preyed on(Raccons, coyotes, etc). Exposed to diseases, parasites, it possibly getting hit by a car, delinquents, etc. Doing whatever it takes to prolong the cats life.

Add to that the fact that the only place domestic cats are actually truly intended to be in is Egypt (since that's where they were first domesticated); letting them run amok in ANY other part of the world is akin to letting two fertile frogs of opposite genders from America out into Australia; they're both invasive species that the local ecosystem probably can't handle. Very few introduced species have proven beneficial to the ecosystem, with 99% of those beneficial ones being pollinators. The rest leave local ecosystems in shambles due to not being indigenous to the region and thus shattering the delicate balance of nature.

Again, I'm sorry for your loss. Use this experience to keep your other cats safe though; keep them inside, or if they must go outside put them on (long) leashes so they don't go and kill songbirds or catch nasty parasites/infections.

User Info: robert022614

3 years ago#76
catlateral damage

User Info: BIgComputerGeek

3 years ago#77
WhopperWithMilk posted...
It's your fault. You let your cat out knowing that it's subject to predators, insane people, diseases, car accidents, etc. You allowed it to prey on other animals and destroy the environment(wildlife), but you didn't care. You could have prevented it's death by keeping it in your house or having very close supervision on it when it was outside. But you didn't. You just allowed to free roam and do whatever the **** it wanted to. Eventually it was going to catch up and now it's gone, and in all honesty, you have yourself to blame.

It's death could have been prevented. But your ignorance of the situation hurt others in the process. Including your dearly loved pet.

His cat could have died of old age, you know. He never said one way or another. Outside influence may not have had anything to do with it. Besides, from my own personal experience, it's extremely difficult to keep cats inside the house if you don't live alone.

I have three indoor cats, and all of them make every possible effort they can to go through any door that opens. You open a bedroom door, they try to go through it. You open the garage door, they're already there, trying to squeeze through the opening the very second it cracks open. I myself keep a close eye out and make sure they never get out, but since I don't live alone, they still manage to get out quite often when someone opens the front door and I'm not in the room.

Luckily they (usually) come running back when I whistle for them, even if they're several streets away, but they still get out quite often and there's nothing you can do about it. Berating someone for that isn't even remotely fair when you don't know any of the circumstances behind it. Without finding out all the facts first, you come off as nothing but a bully.

User Info: supermegablox

3 years ago#78
persona 4
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User Info: HungryDog

3 years ago#79
I can't believe how many here keep their cats locked up indoors like some prison sentence. Talk about cruel. Is it a U.S thing? In the UK cats roam outside all the time.
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User Info: justdontask

3 years ago#80
whole lot of stupid in this topic, but whatever.

TC, im assuming your cat was old, and wasnt killed by anything, just died from old age. that sucks, sorry for your loss, woke up one morning with my dog dead at the foot of my bed from old age. it sucked, i know what youre going through. i didnt play any games that day, i just sat on the couch and cried basically all day.

but if that cat was killed by something, another animal, a person, a car, it fell from a tree, whatever happened, maybe you should keep your other cat inside. maybe you dont live in the safest part of the world, thats cool, it happens. i dont know you, or the whole situation, i cant say anything for sure, but i know if i were you, id want my other cat to live a longer, healthier life.
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