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Shantae: Risky's Revenge - Director's Cut poll

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User Info: Loshadt

3 years ago#11
I probably won't buy it because it looks to be a pretty lazy port, but I'll definitely buy the kickstarted one.
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User Info: Mudkip57

3 years ago#12
So it's a essentially a straight port? Not even going to bother redrawing the sprites into HD?


User Info: badboy

3 years ago#13
Page is up but not purchasable yet

User Info: Lvthn

3 years ago#14
On sale. Really wish if they were doing ports they'd just release the bundle of all previous games.

User Info: WilIDearborn

3 years ago#15
Already have it on 3DS. May buy it again during a sale for the new content, but I'd have preferred if they gave it the Mighty Switch Force treatment and did HD.
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User Info: badboy

3 years ago#16
OK it's now available for purchase.

User Info: DarkZV2Beta

3 years ago#17
Definitely when it's on sale for a price I can justify.
Got other priorities atm, but I'll be packing up my steam wallet for it while I wait.
god invented extension cords. -elchris79
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User Info: WormBoi3

3 years ago#18
Definitely getting this.
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