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what brightness setting do you set for your monitor?

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User Info: Chaos_Missile

3 years ago#11
Bright enough.
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User Info: PhilOnDez

3 years ago#12
My laptops I usually leave at 100% unless I'm visiting a site with a plain white background in a dark room then I'll put them at about half. I never really use them unplugged but I have them set for 75% on battery.

My tv I bumped up to 100%, I don't use it with my pc anymore though.

My monitor is at whatever it shipped at, presumably 50%. I haven't felt the need to tweak it at all, just a little bit of contrast adjustment via nvidia control panel.
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User Info: OreoBoy206

3 years ago#13
Haley Joel Osment posted...

Pretty accurate representation of the majority of my friends when it comes to TV settings. It must be as bright as possible with the TV set to "Vivid" which gives everything a blue'ish tint and this equals great picture quality apparently..

Anyway, my monitors brightness is set at 45%

User Info: Garage_Man

3 years ago#14

If I'm surfing online a lot I'll dim it to 10-20. 50+ is pretty bright...100% is blindingly bright.

User Info: dementedlullaby

3 years ago#15
It depends. Different sets call for different settings. Also if you put brightness too high on some things you can get light leak around the corners especially. Blech. 100% is wayyyyy to high.
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The passion of lovers is for death

User Info: iPr0kkaFTW

3 years ago#16
85 brightness, 85 contrast.

User Info: AlleRacing

3 years ago#17

User Info: cody4783

3 years ago#18
50/50 Brightness/Contrast on my main monitor, which is still even kinda bright but eh.

100/85 B/C on my secondary, which is actually still slightly dimmer than my current primary monitor.

For fun: My TV is at 45 Brightness, 100 Contrast (Not sure why, but eh, I don't care much), and Backlight is at 13/20

User Info: Lemur_H

3 years ago#19
Usually at 15. It's at 26 right now. I often use the dim "eco" settings on my HDTV at night.

My eyes hate lights of any kind. Stresses my eyes out and gives me migraines.

Apparently I'm in danger of going blind when I get older. -shrug-

User Info: Venom3D

3 years ago#20
Mine's set to 25%
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