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Your goty 2014 so far?

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User Info: pwnater777

3 years ago#51
Definitely Strider, of the games I've played. Now, I haven't played Wolfenstein but I assume it'll be up there as a contender when I do get to it, but Strider just personally succeeds on so many levels for me. Awesome art style, fun combat, fast & smooth gameplay, an awesome protagonist, and a refreshing high-quality release from Capcom. The story is alright, but it's not what I'm playing for. The boss fights are also pretty fun, though nothing too difficult. Still, the game makes me feel like a badass, and that's a huge selling point for me.
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User Info: Frankie_Spankie

3 years ago#52
I know it wasn't popular and wasn't too well received, but out of the games I have played that came out this year, I liked Thief the most. It would be followed very closely by Wolfenstein. But, at the same time, neither of those feel like they should be game of the year quality games. This just seems like a depressing year overall for games, nothing that looks like it really makes me go "wow." Maybe Evolve when it comes out, we'll see.
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User Info: DarthStreak

3 years ago#53
So far Mario Kart 8 but I have not gotten like any other games released this year.
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User Info: JCourChesNe

3 years ago#54
Shovel Knight
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User Info: ChromaticAngel

3 years ago#55
Eschalon: Book 3 for me.
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User Info: Clashtonn

3 years ago#56
Divinity Original Sin by far.

Xenonauts and Age of Wonders 3 are second and third.

Then I guess Dark Souls 2 and South Park.

User Info: alsroboshack

3 years ago#57
Spate. Only game from this year that I have played.

It is actually a really good game, if you like Dear Ester + Limbo.
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User Info: Disastersaurus

3 years ago#58
Transistor! Easily.
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User Info: Rails646

3 years ago#59
Technically slightly in 2013, but it was hardly a game back then xD, but yea DayZ, easy pick.
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User Info: stage4saiyan

3 years ago#60
Bravely Default. No contest.
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