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Quick sell me on pc gaming

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User Info: Th1rte3n

3 years ago#11
RTS: Planetary Annihilation, Civ IV, AoE II
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User Info: cpthurme

3 years ago#12
^Hahaha too true imagination rules.

User Info: TitanStrike

3 years ago#13
tf2 is a great class-based non-generic shooter, and free to play. though it's an FPS and that appears to not be what you are looking for. civilization is a good rts series.
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User Info: cpthurme

3 years ago#14
^Yeah not really looking for fps watched my brother play that for a long time. He is playing Civ IV right now :P Yup I used to play AoE II a lot back in the day, great memories.

User Info: codyorr

3 years ago#15

User Info: elsmitty

3 years ago#16
Why do you need us to sell you on a gaming pc?
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User Info: Lvthn

3 years ago#17
PC game list: Hefty hefty hefty!
Console game list: Wimpy wimpy wimpy!

If you can't find games you want on PC, you aren't looking at all (or you are badly informed on PC games in general), you are somehow looking only at PC exclusives despite PC having the objective best version of nearly all games it gets (especially when you throw in modding) at far lower prices, or you have terrible taste in games, molded by years of console abuse, in which case the first step is admitting you have a problem.

User Info: Boge

3 years ago#18
Unless you're buying a work PC already, I'd never build a gaming machine for 3 games. I wouldn't bother if I were you, TC. Sounds like you are into those old school types of games. Maybe get yourself an old computer and play Neverwinter Nights, Fallout, Icewind Dale...other old RPGs from the late 90s and early 00s.

User Info: Asellus

3 years ago#19
Sell me on existing/upcoming games!!

Pretty much all the same ones as on the new consoles sans the first party titles. Additionally with pc games you retain the ability to play all the stuff that came out during the prior console generation at quality settings reflective of your current hardware (be it with 4k resolutions, 60 or even 120 frames per second, ENB postfilters / Supersampling, mods, etc.) without even having to rebuy an updated version of the game.

Oh and the online play is free and digital sales are frequent with real competition between vendors as benefits an open platform.

User Info: mkil5

3 years ago#20
cpthurme posted...
About to go buy a new desk but I'm questioning whether I actually need a PC as there aren't any games I'm interested in, aside from Divinity Original Sin, LoL, and playing Baldur's Gate on a big screen!

Sell me on existing/upcoming games!!

Nope, won't do it. Now go buy your prebuilt for more money than you could build a gaming rig.
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