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Best games to play while drunk?

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User Info: Jawbreaker87

3 years ago#41
androidsaturn posted...
A driving game, obviously.

Ha ha ha totally. Gran Turismo 5 or Burnout.
"Gaming under the influence."

User Info: ZebuFrenzy

3 years ago#42
Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles or The Darkside Chronicles.

Either way you're too drunk to realize that the wonky camera is the game's fault.

User Info: jacwib

3 years ago#43

Just make sure to have nofail on if you are drunk :P
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User Info: Zombies101

3 years ago#44
League of legends with drunk friends is the best. That's how you get ideas like 5 man jungle.
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User Info: Carpetfluff

3 years ago#45
Lemur_H posted...
Blobs_ posted...
Kinect games

This would be fun if the Kinect actually worked reliably.

You're drunk, you won't notice.

User Info: ReloadPsi

3 years ago#46
Sonic the Hedgehog with a laptop on hand. Just think of the hilariously bad fanfiction! (I once started a Sonic/Stargate SG-1 fanfic as a joke with the golden rule being I was only allowed to work on it while I was drunk. It involved some connection between the Stargates and the giant bonus rings but was lost when my friend got a new computer.)
Kids, there's nothing wrong with admitting something you like isn't good. It's called manning up and being able to admit you don't always have the best taste.

User Info: cris1ussen

3 years ago#47
Mirror's Edge

I heard that is funny play it drunk but can make you feel sick or scare (or both)
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User Info: MasterGraiden

3 years ago#48
I just got back from my high school reunion was hoping I would find suggestions on what to play here.. lol, but I think I'll try my hand at DAO on console while I'm still feeling 12 rye and cokes and 6 shots of jaeger.
I don't have the patience to download the game for my PC.
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User Info: KOTRwhoops

3 years ago#49
I hate being drunk while gaming, so none for me.
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User Info: Kismayaz

3 years ago#50
Hanlo_is_back posted...
Any competitive multiplayer game with online capabilities. Try League of Legends, nice folks

This, really. Any MOBA or online FPS are incredibly fun to play while drunk.
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