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I'm really tired of this damn keyboard. (G19)

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  3. I'm really tired of this damn keyboard. (G19)

User Info: Kanjo_Bazooie

3 years ago#1
In a perfect state this keyboard is amazing. 12 programmable keys, color LCD with support for multiple apps, and endless amount of profiles that can be switched at the touch of a button.

Too bad about 85% of the time, it's a frustrating, annoying, and tedious bug-ridden and head desking experience.

I thought it could just be my keyboard, but I Googled my various problems and saw that I'm not the only one with these sample of issues:

-Drivers die after wakeup
-Random profile switching for inexplicable reasons
-LCD screen freezes

To make matters worse, this is partially a Logitech problem. I have a G700s mouse as well - virtually no problems compared to the G19, but because of the way the Logitech Gaming Software app is set up - a lot of the time when my keyboard starts going bonkers, my mouse isn't even recognized. It'll work as a mouse, but that's it - it's just a mouse with a better grip. And now I'm having this issue that when it's charging, it'll just stop working altogether for no reason until it's unplugged. I essentially have to run it with bluetooth until it goes dead, and charge it while I'm not using it (killing the battery in the process).

This probably has more to do with Logitech's s***ty drivers, but I have so many more problems with my keyboard compared to the mouse. I've had this keyboard since around 2009 and like I mentioned before - in a perfect state it's wonderful. I love it. Too bad most of the time it's never in that state.

I'm looking for a nice alternative to the G19. Hopefully one that isn't Logitech - or one that actually works with the damn software. I really really love my AIDA64 LCD app, but unfortunately that only works with Logitech. I'll bite the bullet with Logitech so long as the keyboard actually works.
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User Info: DarKxReckoninG

3 years ago#2
Careful. Your complaining about something that is clearly in no way faulted because of you. Sadly, this is the PC board and more than half the plebs here are going to respond with some bull**** comment about how they too have the same product, and no issues. Because GameFAQs houses almost all of the PC user base >.>

Anyways, the 19 sucks, Logitech has issues, I miss the old days.

Quick edit for the plebs : I was being sarcastic about GameFAQs housing the majority of us. Thank god it doesn't. Everyone would be mindless wannabe engineers who can insert SLI and Liquid Cooled into any conversation and get a boner.
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User Info: Cool_Dude667

3 years ago#3
I suggest a mechanical keyboard, I use the CMStorm Quickfire Rapid
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User Info: Zeth

3 years ago#4
Could try a Logitech G710+ if you go the mechanical route but feel like sticking with Logitech. Still has programmable keys but it doesn't have an LCD for keyboard apps.
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  3. I'm really tired of this damn keyboard. (G19)

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