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Would you get an SSD as a main drive?

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User Info: Acquire

3 years ago#11
I've got a 256 GB SSD for the os and programs. Went with a 1 TB SSD for games. I still hace two 1 TB HDDs in there, but it's mostly used for backup or some bigger data I don't even use much anymore.
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User Info: dementedlullaby

3 years ago#12
When I started buying parts for my current system it wasn't that economical to go with just SSD but prices are dropping. I think by next year we'll see big SSDs at decent prices. I'll probably buy a bigger one during Black Friday.

My current one is for sure too small. When I get the bigger one I'll pop it in, clone the disk or whatever and use the small one for my laptop since I don't need a lot of space on the laptop.

120gb SSD, 3tb 7200rpm HDD currently.

Both are near full. I have 50gb left on the 3tb. I should probably uninstall some games but can't bring myself to do it >_>.
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The passion of lovers is for death

User Info: Trance_Fan

3 years ago#13
who has an ssd and doesn't use it as a main drive? lmao

128gb is mandatory for a windows ssd main..makes your pc 1000x faster
i think it's nice

User Info: Mega_Tyrant

3 years ago#14
I have a 120 and a 256 GB drive running as the main drive in my. I'll probably upgrade them once the 500+GB drives get closer to $150.
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User Info: klaxender

3 years ago#15
Still using a 64gb SSD for my main drive and two 1tb drives for games/storage
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User Info: Psyborgasm

3 years ago#16
Yup, running a 250GB SSD as my main drive. Still have 100 GB free. Having a smaller drive forces me to actually delete stuff I dont need, which is something I never did when I had too much space.

User Info: MadPinoRage

3 years ago#17
I already have a 1 TB SSD. It's awesome.
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User Info: NewportBox100s

3 years ago#18
How fast are they ????

User Info: h3IIfir3pho3nix

3 years ago#19
NewportBox100s posted...
How fast are they ????

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User Info: paramite12

3 years ago#20
I use a 500gb ssd as my main drive and have another 240gb drive as a secondary ssd.
Using an Ssd for your main drive is much much better than a hdd. Windows boots up in seconds.
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