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just played warface and need recommendations

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User Info: returnofbeans

3 years ago#1
this is my second time playing a FTP FPS. first one being americas army about 6+ years ago.

me and my friend wanted to try FTP FPS co-op games and saw this free on steam. it was cool for the campaign co-op, but you had to pay for respawns and in campaign, you died a LOT. so we tried the multiplayer aspect since we ran out of respawn coins that came for free players.

It is horribly not for us. the sliding killing makes it extremely hard to hit them while they are still easily able to hit you. the classes are... outclassed. no one can be a medic because every one dies too fast to be healed. no one even plays engineer. it's all about 1 shot kill snipers (understandable) and generic riflemen (also understandable).

any one have any recommendations for FTP FPS that is mostly co-op base? the multiplayer is just a bonus.


just an extra question
any one remember the full name and if it exist, of the americas army game im thinking of?

in order to unlock classes, you actually had to go to the training camps and train those classes. like for sniper you took a rifle and had to hit a certain amount of marks to advance then they'll let you use a sniper.

for medic you had to take medic classes and answer a questionnaire then you unlocked medic class.

ranking up actually felt like you were climbing up the chain of command.

does any one know of any games that are still like that?
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User Info: hk7111

3 years ago#2
Theres that new Ghost recon game thats F2P and isnt half bad.
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User Info: Cool_Dude667

3 years ago#3
If you prefer more arcadey and survival horror esque games I recommend checking out Killing Floor, its co-op and has fantastic gunplay. Its not F2P but it was released in 2009 now so you can get it for cheap. The modding community is enormous so dont worry about old content.

The dev also has holiday events where they release new maps/guns/characters/etc, infact the summer event is going on right now :)
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User Info: returnofbeans

3 years ago#4
that looks pretty cool actually. ill definitly try to convince him to give it a try while it's on sale for 5 bucks.
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