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Looking for a CHEAP LAPTOP

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User Info: iemerg_

3 years ago#1
So my mom needs a new laptop. Shes HATES windows 8.
Here's what she needs:

Dual Core Processor
Windows 7 Compatible (doesnt need windows 7 on it but it needs to have driver support for 7.)
15" Screen
No more than $350 Shipped.

I checked newegg but apparently HP doesn't support 7 anymore so thats outta the question. I found some dells but apparently dell isnt good anymore? and last but not least Asus but apparently ASUS laptops are bad?

So can you guys flash some insight. I should be able to find all of that for $350 and I just want to be able to install 7. IDC if it comes with 8 because we have a Windows 7 disc etc. But no point buying a laptop with no Driver support, then again won't windows 7 automatically find all the drivers or no? Windows 8 drivers wouldnt work on 7? I know vista drivers worked on 7.

Basically I just need a Windows 7 compatable computer with decent browsing speed a webcam and a DVD drive. If that's even possible.
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User Info: Hi C

Hi C
3 years ago#2
If you're not going to spend at least $500 just get her a tablet.

User Info: ivanderland

3 years ago#3
If you're just looking for a cheap internet machine, there's no reason you couldn't look at a cheap Asus or even Acer laptop. Sure, build quality has suffered compared to higher end builds, but cheap is cheap for a reason.
I reccomend looking at a low tier Lenovo, they tend to make good quality travel friendly laptops.

User Info: iemerg_

3 years ago#4
Tried the netbooks, too slow no drive etc.
Tried tablets she wants something bigger/better with no touch or windows 8.

I don't care the brand per say but I can't find anything that meets my criteria.
"Only real men can cook bacon shirtless" me

User Info: iemerg_

3 years ago#5
How would this be?

4gb memory
1tb hdd
windows 7 drivers
15.6" screen
dvd tray

$400 I'll just chip in the rest.How is the i3 in comparison to the pentium and celerons now? worth the extra? is dell decent>?
"Only real men can cook bacon shirtless" me

User Info: iemerg_

3 years ago#6
Also I see all these laptops with touchpads that don't have buttons how do these work? are they better?
"Only real men can cook bacon shirtless" me

User Info: ChickenAndJuice

3 years ago#7

User Info: Pantieman

3 years ago#8
the touchpad have button its build right in the pad
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User Info: mikewu1

3 years ago#9
mainstream support for windows 7 will end soon so I doubt any new computers will have 7 on them. Unless you are in the clearance section of websites. Dell still has a few Windows 7 laptops i believe but again they are in the clearance section.
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