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30fps is superior to 60fps

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User Info: DRAGON07891230

3 years ago#11
MahoganyTooth92 posted...
wildog2006 posted...
This topic is now about how many hamsters would need to be stacked on top of each other in order to reach the moon.

I think it would be about 12. Yes, 12 should be plenty to reach the moon.

If I didn't suck at maths, I'd be doing some serious calculations right now

But I failed maths, so I won't bother.

Average height appears to be 6"

Distance from Earth to the Moon
225,623 miles

225623x5280x2 = 2382578880 hamsters
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(message deleted)

User Info: Izicial

3 years ago#13
Says it makes it look different but says that he can't see the difference.

Console reassurance topic confirmed.
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User Info: SuigintouEV

3 years ago#14
kill_distroy posted...
Well, if 60 fps looks fake, then I guess reality is even faker.

reality doesn't rely on camerawork and two-dimensionality.
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User Info: Spidey555

3 years ago#15
Nex-Gen63759 posted...
-Cinematic experience
-60 FPS looks fake
-60 FPS only benefits Fighting/Racing/Online FPS games
-60 FPS makes games look worse visually
-30 FPS makes makes games look graphically better
-I can't see the difference at all
-Back in my day people didn't care about graphics
-60 FPS doesn't matter because gameplay matters more

If you can't see the difference at all, how do you know all of this? Your other points are all invalid then.
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User Info: SpazH3d

3 years ago#16
Can we just ban this butthole? No second chances. Just put him in the incinerator.
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User Info: Shub

3 years ago#17
You are now ignoring this user's topics and posts.
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User Info: Hi C

Hi C
3 years ago#18
-Back in my day people didn't care about graphics

Because back in the day 95% of console games were 60fps and everyone was happy

Bad troll though. At least let the other topic get archived first.

User Info: GM_

3 years ago#19
Nice job stealing my post brah

(page 2)
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User Info: Goldninja

3 years ago#20
If you can't tell the difference between them, you have bigger problems. Get those eyes checked.

Yet another example of someone thinking their personal experience matters more than actual scientific fact.
You guys just took a dump on my soul - mastahjebus
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