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*Warning* Weebo topic about visual novels.

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User Info: Death_Born

3 years ago#31
Full disclosure that I'm pimping my game, but I made a full length steampunk fantasy visual novel and optional puzzle game, Icebound, located at It also has a Greenlight that's almost in the top 100 if you want to vote for it. All buyers on my website get a Desura key and a Steam key if it's released on Steam.

It has a downloadable demo you can try out, reception from Kickstarter backers was all positive. Just note that the demo was fully voiced but the game doesn't have voices yet.

User Info: Rai_Jin

3 years ago#32
I have generally no problems with "weeb" games, but most VNs seem to really want to make the characters as bland and look-alike as possible. I will give Katawa Shoujo a try though now, since it's free and I am feeling Hotel Dusk/Last Window withdrawal symptoms.

User Info: blade6321

3 years ago#33
If you're into mystery stuff, then I would also add G senjou no maou (The Devil on G String) to your reading list, it's pretty exciting and fun.

It's got a really, really good soundtrack too.

DetectiveZ posted...
I'm not sure if I can share the website here. but there's a really good site with alot of VN's. You should be able to easily find it on Google.
Some VN's I reccomend. :p
Ever17 (A bit boring at the beginning...but stay with it and omg dat plot twist.)
Remember11 (Warning: Has a disapointing ending...which makes sense somehow... xD)
Narcissu (It's really good. Probably the saddest VN I've ever read...ironically, the author wasn't planning on giving it a sad feeling. However, many people reccomend reading the prequel (Narcissu 2) before this one. Also Narcissu 2 comes with narcissu 1)
Chaos;Head (Ending has a huge swerve to another direction)
Steins;Gate (Still need to get to it. XD)
Katawa Shojo NSFW <--- Great Starting Visual Novel
Fate/Stay Night NSFW
Tsukihime NSFW
Saya no Uta <--- Must play tbh. NSFW
Swan Song NSFW
Cross Channel NSFW

Not really a traditional visual novel. But I'd also reccomend ps2 emulator + Persona 3/4
And Psx + Policenauts/Snatcher.

There's a picture that has a list of great VN's to try. NSFW

Great list, you've pretty much got to play all of these.
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User Info: Rai_Jin

3 years ago#34
Well, seems like I should do at least some research before trying a VN. Katawa Shoujo definitely isn't for me.

User Info: DetectiveZ

3 years ago#35
@tbp and fuwanovel. Fuwanovel is 100% safe and with tbp. Just be safe before downloading. Check the torrents and support the developers once you can.

@Rai_Jin, if you'd like something more mystery based then I'd reccomend 999/VLR. It's not exactly for PC, but you could use an emulator for 999.

@LaggingRed, Yeah...the anime just completely rushed it to all hell. The animation wasn't even that good either. >_>
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User Info: blade6321

3 years ago#36
Rai_Jin posted...
Well, seems like I should do at least some research before trying a VN. Katawa Shoujo definitely isn't for me.

Yeah, Katawa Shoujo is very much so on the drama-romance end of things, and that's definitely not what all vn's are about- and it's not all that great anyway. Try some of the mystery/horror/sci fi stuff before you give up at least.
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User Info: Siegalt

3 years ago#37
I recommend Kara no Shoujo, which is one of the very few VNs I have played but one of the best story-based games I've played.
It's a detective story set in post-WW2 Japan, with mystery, romance and slice-of-life moments. There are some NSFW scenes, some very disturbing murder scenes and the general tone of the game is very dark and sometimes depressing. The story and character development offer a very interesting insight on the subject of obsessions, human relationships and the hidden depths of people. It's a great VN if you can stomach some parts of it.
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