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What is your favourite insult that isn't insulting?

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  3. What is your favourite insult that isn't insulting?

User Info: flamepelt

3 years ago#1
Mine is calling someone a casual.

I just hear something on the the lines of...
"Haha. You don't play this game all day long, let it consume your life, and play no other games."
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User Info: -5xad0w-

3 years ago#2
"This is a cool way to die!" -Philip J. Fry
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User Info: KidInTheHall

3 years ago#3
The n word. I'm white so it's not me.
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User Info: TimePharaoh

3 years ago#4
It would help if you knew what words mean. That's not what a casual is.

User Info: xanthan1

3 years ago#5

Woohoo, unlike you I'm actually good at the game, thanks for noticing. Even better when I'm somehow top of the scoreboard not because I'm good at a game but almost everyone else is just terrible.

User Info: mccue166

3 years ago#6
KidInTheHall posted...
The n word. I'm white so it's not me.

First thing that came to my mind when you said that.
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User Info: somebadlemonade

3 years ago#7
i like being factual, just saying what they did in a mocking tone
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User Info: iXCeeD

3 years ago#8
"Get A Life" nuff said
"Your Right Hand comes off?" - Leon S. Kennedy

User Info: Polypherus

3 years ago#9
Nobody cares about resolution gameplay is what Matters!

*proceeds to argue about it on other consoles*


User Info: majinbuu58

3 years ago#10

Calling people playing online games nerds.
"realistically, im the most IRL person on this board with the most friends, most girls, and most fun adventures." -P64
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  3. What is your favourite insult that isn't insulting?

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