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Is asus a good monitor brand?

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User Info: Wallsof_Jericho

3 years ago#1
I am looking for a new 27 inch monitor and was wondering what you guys think of asus? Been looking at this one as it is under 250 and am looking for under 250.
Alternatively, I have been looking at this acer one but it doesnt have an hdmi port and i would prefer a monitor with at least 1 port.
And i dont know about AOC but this one is cheap but im not sure.;jsessionid=7BDC807962F7F596E922C39EC62177C4.bbolsp-app01-191?id=1218516242338&skuId=4725415&st=aoc%2027&cp=1&lp=2
What do you guys think? out of these 3, or if theres any other suggestions, im all ears. just not all that sure which one to go with.
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User Info: SampsonM

3 years ago#2
I have three Asus. They' Response time is sold, but the picture quality is pretty poor. When 4Ks are more affordable, I'm gonna swap these out for Dells or View Sonics.

$200 for a 27-inch is pretty low-end. In that price range, I'd go for something around 23-inches, or expand your budget another $100-150.
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User Info: PraetorXyn

3 years ago#3
I can't speak for their other products but the PB278Q is probably the best bang for your buck 27" IPS panel you can get.
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User Info: SnipeStar

3 years ago#4
the one asus monitor i ordered a few years ago was a terrible piece of defective junk.

replaced it with a LG S-IPS panel and couldn't be happier.
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User Info: foodeater4

3 years ago#5
I have an asus and I love it, but not the one your interested in.

I did have to do some tweaking though to get the picture nice. The pre sets were completely dreadful.

User Info: SonyHoundDawg

3 years ago#6
I got asus too, but only a 23inch and a higher end one in that size range. I like it a lot. SOme people say 27 inch at 1080p will prob not be good, just to big and to low of a res.

User Info: Kad-Man

3 years ago#7
I have a 24 asus and from what i can tell compared to a samsung is the black s are darker and tahts about the only better thing i can see.

User Info: TruePowerSeeker

3 years ago#8
I have an asus and the first one I got had a stuck pixel and a line down the side that would appear and disappear.

However it took me all of 5 minutes to take it into microcenter and just switch it out. The warranty I paid for even transferred over since it was within 10 days after purchase.

The one I have now works great. The first one was in their back room and I am guessing it either had something go wrong with it while it was back there or it was just a defective one that got out.
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User Info: Wallsof_Jericho

3 years ago#9
Okay. what about this monitor?
4.8 out of 5 on reviews. watched a pretty darn good youtube video about it also. it dont need to be the best monitor. plus 199.99, which is good.
PSN: Terryh2
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