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Need a new laptop

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User Info: CCGreenRaider

3 years ago#1
So far you folks haven't steered me wrong on a computer so i decided to consult y'all once more: My current laptop is starting to heat up, the disc drive has started to fail and i've decided to retire it to more of a back up laptop than my main computer... so i was wondering if you guys could find a decent laptop for 500-600 bucks i saw one on ebay but it was refurbished...

Thanks again so much for your help again, as i said before my current laptop is seemingly on a downward spiral (i lived at sea level for more than a year and i'm sure the salty sea air has screwed up a couple things in my current laptop plus the rain...) anyways thanks for any help you may lend.
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User Info: ChickenAndJuice

3 years ago#2
Yeah, let me just search for a laptop that you should be able to find yourself. Let me do your job for you. And yes, thank us even before anyone has helped you. Makes real sense
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