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Found a possible winner, need to know if an HD 7450 is good though

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  3. Found a possible winner, need to know if an HD 7450 is good though

User Info: Hitman_67

3 years ago#21
Nevermind, ugh. Least i know. I'll keep doing research, etc. But right now i can't even think.
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User Info: PhilOnDez

3 years ago#22

$550, i5 and an r9 270 (basically a 7870 with slightly slower clocks) though you'll still need an OS. It only has 4 gigs of ram though that's literally the easiest thing to upgrade outside of adding more storage via USB. The PSU also isn't great but there's not really any good deals on them right now.

It'll do a lot better in most of the games you're asking to play than a 6300 paired with a titan black would.

Coming closer to the $600 on parts you were willing to spend above here's what I came up with. Pretty much the same, just a much higher quality PSU and more ram.
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User Info: TimePharaoh

3 years ago#23
Hitman_67 posted...
He didnt really know much about it, other than it was a 6 Core. I'd need to go there and look, but I need to know before hand which might be a waste if i go. x_x I mean for $500 I'd think it was good.

I'd only really want to play DayZ, Arma2, The Forest, MC with some mods, maybe Mod Skyrim. And it needs to Max WoW & ESO. That's all really.

I like when people say "only", and then proceed to list massively hard to run things....

Hitman_67 posted...
I've been doing this for awhile, and have to say you're wrong about that. Like most recently i found a Asus for $950, had great specs imo. Even the GTX 760. I've also found decent ones for $600, but they need to be ordered. I however like certain features, and YES he's buying it for me. Thought i made that clear before.

How do you know what "great specs" are when you're making a topic asking if X part is good, not understanding that you probably want to know what the other parts are, and asking if something is a good deal? And then being a typical gamefaqs user and arguing with people who answer your question and know more than you?


User Info: tiger8191

3 years ago#24
First TimePharoh post I've ever 100% agreed with. TC...simply get your head out of your ass.
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  3. Found a possible winner, need to know if an HD 7450 is good though

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