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A few steam questions.

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User Info: chaos_belmont

3 years ago#1
When you start up games you've bought for the first time it usually says "download directx" step 1/3" or something to that effect and then starts whatever game it is, also having the "Always keep game updated" tab marked in settings i'm assuming that the latest patch is automatic.

Now in some games you can clearly see what version you are playing(main menu, options etc.) but many doesn't seem to show it, also checking in the game steam folder usually doesn't show anything.

So for those cases how do I know if I have the latest version?
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User Info: Shub

3 years ago#2
Find the game's main .exe file, right-click, Properties, then I think there's a Details tab (off the top of my head -- I'm not near a Windows machine right now). You can find the version number in there. Unfortunately it doesn't always match the way the developer calls the game's various versions.
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User Info: KillerTruffle

3 years ago#3
Steam always updates you to the latest version they have. Where you check game version depends on the individual game tho - I'm not aware of any option in Steam that tells you what game version you're running for any particular game.
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User Info: arleas

3 years ago#4
Why does DirectX install with every game?

Running the DirectX installer is not a matter of making sure your overall DirectX install being up-to-date. Microsoft has a helper library with D3D called D3DX. You'll find binaries for this like d3dx9_43.dll in your Windows\system32 folder. There are over 40 different versions of the D3DX library for D3D9 alone, and many more for D3D10 and 11 as well. Each game that uses the D3DX helper library is linked to a specific version. As such the game must run the correct D3D installer version that it was specifically compiled with to ensure the binaries exist.

Even if a later version of the binary is already installed, that version cannot be used, and even if your DirectX install is up-to-date because you've run a more recent version of the installer that is not guaranteed to have installed all previous versions. Even worse, if a version is installed for x86 it doesn't guarantee the same version is installed for x64, so 64 bit and 32 bit games may need to run the same exact installer version but targeting different platforms when run.

Furthermore, Microsoft's licensing terms prevent anyone from distributing the files directly, the only way to distribute them is to run the installer, that's also the only supported method from Microsoft to check that the correct version installed. Trying to manually check for the correct versions is extremely complicated because there are numerous files that must all be present and individual system configuration options like dll search paths complicate the situation. In addition, the dependencies and required checks may change in each new version of the D3DX runtime. The code to check correctly and repair broken installs all exists in the installer and running it is a guarantee that the correct binaries will exist when you run the game and prevents lots of bad cases where a game would fail to launch with an obscure error if a windows install was either missing the correct version or somehow corrupted in the past.

So basically, it doesn't matter if you think you have the latest version of DirectX.... it's going to go through the motions of installing every time anyway.

User Info: Asellus

3 years ago#5
Not sure if you mean "latest version of DirectX" or "latest version of the game I'm playing". Assuming the former DirectX isn't updated very frequently and it's not something you should ever have to worry about. Assuming the later Steam will always download patches for games you own as soon as they become available unless you have the "do not update" tab for them checked.
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